Sunday, September 24, 2017

Old Transformation Photos

When I decided to resurrect this blog, one of the subjects I know I will be mostly writing about is fitness and maybe a little bit of nutrition for these are the things that I am pretty much interested into these days. Just take note though that I am not a fitness coach nor a nutritionist so you do not have to believe in everything I say. Just an ordinary person trying to maintain a better lifestyle here. This is pretty much a trend these days. Or is it just me? Oh my!

June 2016 vs. December 2016

Now let me just direct your attention to my old transformation photos. Old because I want to remind myself how I used to look and how far I reached my goal before comparing to new transformation photos that will hopefully come before the year ends. Mind you, I was weighing around 115 pounds in the before photo taken in June 2016 then latere dropped to 103 pounds after going back to the gym in October, doing mostly cardio workout like zumba and belly dancing plus some core and HIIT. I should've blogged about this thing long time ago, procrastinated a lot by leaving it in my draft but anyway it's on now.

Funny since I used to really think I was already doing fine with my old self until I pushed myself a bit and discovered I could do more. If you can check my old gym photo in this blog from long time ago I am sure you will understand what I mean. I am way bigger before though I tried different kinds of diet and been in and out of gyms.

July 2016 vs January 2017

For as long as I can remember, I started my fitness journey in 2008 when I got pregnant with my first baby and was told I needed to be on a diet in order to control gestational diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is in my family history on both sides. My father passed away of diabetes complications as well as his younger brother. A maternal uncle is currently battling kidney failure at a late stage due to diabetes complication so I am mostly likely to get GDM when pregnant. Anyhow, I met with a nutritionist and took a lesson on meal planning and calorie counting and the rest is history.

Fast-forward to present, losing weight is no longer my goal but to gain with some lean muscles. It's going to be quite a battle requiring a lot of weight lifting, discipline, dragging myself to the gym, rigorous meal planning and macro counting. Will be writing more about these topics next time. If you have tips or tricks in gaining weight the same way I want, please do share it in a comment below. Thanks heaps!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Blogging Comeback

Gosh, I missed blogging! I miss the old times when I used to sit in front of the computer, excitedly writing on subject that I wanted to post as fast as I could before ideas leave my memory. I know I neglected posting an update for the longest time and I feel sorry for my blog, looking lonely for the lack of new posts.


Having a couple of smartphones and a tablet all can easily be connected in our home wifi is one of the reasons why I have been MIA in the blogging world for a while. You know, updating my Facebook feed and my Instagram story is way faster, reaching to my friends and family even in realtime. But of course, nothing beats the classic and that is writing an online journal or blogging.

My plan is to do this slowly. I am going to tweak my layout to suit my current mood. Next, I will manage all my social media accounts connected to this blog, as well as post an update as often as I can. Honestly, it is hard to completely abandon blogging because this is my little corner of the worldwide web, an extension of myself wherein I can freely write or record anything I want. Anyhow, with or without an audience, with or without monetizing, I am going to do my first hobby since I became a SAHM again. So yeah, I am sooo back!