Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ramen Craving

About 5,790 miles away from where I am right now is a Japanese restaurant serving the best ramen I ever had. I know I have been to Tokyo once, but can you believe me if I say I didn't have a single bowl of ramen during my trip? And so the best ramen I ever tried yet is the one served by Ramen Daisho along Shaw Blvd. Believe me, I have a few friends who used to work in Japan and also married to a Japanese who said that Ramen Daisho indeed serves authentic Japanese noodles. Guess what, I am thousand miles away and craving for it.

Look at this mouth-watering bowl of tonkotsu ramen. Imagine tender thin noodles in creamy flavorful soup. Oishi!

Perfect for a chilly weather like this. I will trade this bowl of ramen over pizza or any fastfood every single time.

That's me and my gym friend Mitch at Ramen Daisho last month. She could eat a hot bowl of ramen faster than me. Talo ako! 😅

Will surely visit Ramen Daisho as soon as I arrived in Manila. I really loce it there. The resto is simple just like those in Tokyo and the servers are polite and friendly. For those of you who live nearby, ikain nyo ako puhlease. Hihi.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Tulip Time

Istanbul'da Lale Zamanı! In English, I believe that simply means, it's tulip time in Istanbul. We arrived just in time for spring and just when the flowers in parks all over in the city are blooming. Here are some selected shots of those in the Emirgan Park taken the other day.

With about half a dozen spring time that we are here in Turkey, I swear I have never seen this much tulips of different colors and variety before. I am sure there's more in the park that my smartphone didn't capture. Nevertheless, the park is too big that an entire day is needed in order to enjoy it. So, when visiting Istanbul in spring, never forget to drop by at Emirgan Park or any major parks with a big number of tulips.

Tips For Painting In The Home

Painting the home is an easy way to change the appearance. A new coat of paint can make a dull and lifeless room spring back to an environment that you enjoy being in during the day. If you don't have the time to paint the home yourself, you can talk to house painting contractors who can get the ob done in a short time. However, make sure that the person you hire cleans up the mess that is made and completes the work as painting involves more than just putting paint on the walls. It includes painting the electrical plates and the light plates along with the doors and the trim.

There are some tips that you can follow if you want to paint the home yourself. Gather all of the materials and the color of paint that you want in the room before moving anything around. It's best to move everything out of the room if possible so that you have space to work. Get a variety of brushes and rollers as well as paint thinner so that you can clean the brushes. Avoid lap marks that are made by rolling along the height of the wall to the ceiling before beginning another row, keeping a wet edge so that the paint blends together. Instead of using two or three cans of paint in the room, mix two or three cans of the same color in a bucket. This will give you a uniform color to use that is blended together as some cans that you get might be a bit lighter or darker even if the same color is used.

After the paint dries, you can then remove the tape. This will ensure that the lines are pristine along the trim and anywhere else that you want to paint in the room. It's sometimes best to paint the trim first. You can go back later and touch up the edges along the trim after the walls are painted. Make sure the surfaces are as clean as possible before painting to prevent small pieces of debris that end up stuck to the surfaces.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

DIY Easter Hat

Hello! We joined an Easter hat making contest today. We didn't win but happy that my girls enjoyed the advanced Easter party. There was face painting and photo booth plus some free refreshment. The kids were given a bare hat and were allowed to decorate within 2 hours with the help of one parent or guardian.

We had a couple of bunnies and carrots, some chicks and Easter eggs, feathers, glitters, paper grass and flowers to beautify the straw hat.

This is our finish product. Tell me, is it cute or so cute? Haha.

Here is a photo of all the kids with their hats on with E.B. or Easter Bunny from the Hop movie at the center. Can you spot those winner hats?

PS. I know I've been silent in the blogging world for a while. Been busy with everyday stuff and some. We just arrived from a short vacation in the States. It's summer time in the Philippines so we are off to another trip. And then another trip. And another trip after. Ciao for now and happy Easter in advance!<3 p="">

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Baeby Baste and The Concio Sisters: New Endorsers of BABY BENCH

Local retail giant BENCH launched last Saturday its new endorsers for one of its most recognizable sub-brands, BABY BENCH at the Ayala Glorietta Activity Center Palm Drive via a children’s party-themed event. The ever charming Baeby Baste of GMA 7's noontime show 'Eat Bulaga' together with Charo Santos-Concio's pretty granddaughters, Julia and Talia Concio, were introduced as models for the above mentioned product line meant for the young and the young at heart.

Baeby Baste performed a short medley of modern songs including Closer by The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey. He was oozing with cuteness so the crowd was very much in awe.

Enter The Concio Sisters who looked equally adorable in their tutu outfit. They also rendered a song number for the crowd to enjoy.

I supposed their lovely grandma who is one of the most influential women in Philippine television, seen here seated beside BENCH founder and CEO Ben Chan, was very proud. Indeed, the Concio Sisters is a duo to watch out for.

At the end of the launch, Sir Ben Chan walked the runway together with the 3 child stars as colorful confetti started pouring.

Both Baeby Baste and The Concio Sisters received huge teddy bears as token.

Some of BABY BENCH Cologne variants clockwise: Cotton Candy (green fruity), Gummy Bear (fruity floral), Jelly Bean (floral), Bubble Gum (citrus floral), Lemon Drop (citrus) and Popsicle (citrus fougere). Not in picture: Ice Mint (powdery floral).

Specially formulated for delicate skin, these clinically and dermatologically tested colognes have a non-irritating formula that keeps skin smooth and smelling clean and fresh all day. Baby Bench cologne comes in 50mL (P35.00), 100 mL (P55.00), 200 mL (P87.00), and 500 mL (P205.00) variants. Grab a bottle at the Bench store nearest you today!

For updates, check out @benchtm on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and shop the latest offerings via

Monday, January 16, 2017

Back to the Gym

Hello 2017! First blog entry of the year, here we go. I started posting about my fitness journey in Instagram late last year as I went back to working out mid November, now I want to blog about it so I can track my progress better. Looking at my old photos and reading an old entry on fitness made me realize that I have been sporting a flabby tummy for a long time. Aahh.. I want to scold my old myself 'cause I also discovered that I was pretty much okay with it. I gave up after losing just an inch or two off my waist. Can you believe how lazy of me to do that? I boasted my workout routine even I didn't achieve a very good result doing it. Haha. Anyway, I just reviewed my exercises and found out that I am still doing the same thing plus more intense training like circuit, core, HIIT, etc.

This is me in December. I started losing weight after some diet changes in June, slowly dropped my weight from 52 kilos to 47 until November.

This photo was taken like a day before Christmas. I dragged myself to the gym early in the morning while my kids were still sleeping.

This is me and a couple of gym buddies. It is fun to meet new people and be friends with them. We get to workout together and share fitness goals.

This photo is after a hip-hop class on a Saturday. I normally workout Monday to Fridays only. This one was an exception 'cause I wanted to try the hip-hop class.

This is our cardio zumba class with Zin Blade. I love this class 'cause I get to sweat a lot. I regularly attend zumba classes every Monday and Friday night.

I signed up for a year contract with my current gym. I am trying to maximize my membership by joining as much classes that I can. I love the classes because I earn friend through them and get to workout with ease and so much fun. On my next blog entry, I am gonna be sharing ,my fitness goals for this year and some transformation photos.

PS. Sorry for the quality of photos. They are taken using my mobile phone camera.