Thursday, December 08, 2016

A Different Kind Of Basket

As holidays approach, you might question what to get family members, friends and those you work with. Unique corporate gift baskets are an idea if you aren't sure what to get for an employer. You could make a basket with coffee and muffins or one with wine glasses and a bottle of wine, but these are so traditional. Think outside of the box, giving something that says that you appreciate the work that is put forth by the employer so that you have a place of employment.

If your employer is a man, then consider a male-themed basket. An idea for the basket itself is a paint can that is painted black on the outside with the words "Man Can" in white letters. Add items to the can that any man would enjoy, such as a few tools, a coffee mug or shave gel. You could also add a few things that have to do with sports, like a ball or even tickets to a game.

Give someone a sweet basket with candy that is a bit nostalgic. Find a lunchbox or tin with an older kind of candy on the outside. Fill the box with candies that have been around for many years, such as a candy necklace, a Clark Bar and other vintage finds. This is a gift for one who enjoys looking back and reminiscing about good times. Another option for the one who enjoys food is a beer and snacks basket. You need to make sure the person drinks before adding the beer. You could get a variety of small bottles to display in the front of the basket with snacks behind the bottles that include crackers, meat sticks and peanuts.

For the person who spends a lot of time taking care of a car, then a car care basket would be the ideal gift. Put the items for the basket in a bucket that can be used to hold water to wash the car. You could include a sponge, car wax, shop towels and other items that are used to keep the inside and outside of the car clean.

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