Saturday, November 05, 2016

Visiting The Doctor

Doctor's visits can be extremely intimidating for children. A visit may often include the administering of vaccines, or, if the child is sick, may require an examination that is uncomfortable. As a parent, it may be helpful to discuss the upcoming visit in a calm and reassuring manner, and discuss the reasons why the visit is needed and how it can help the child to stay healthy, happy, and well.

Basic Health Discussions Calm discussions about why it's good to visit the doctor regularly are a good way to put children at ease. Gentle language, and a discussion about basic good health practices, like eating well, getting rest, drinking plenty of water, and going to the doctor regularly. The discussion about basic good health practices offers a non-threatening lead in to make it easy to discuss the doctor visit.

Preparing for the Doctor's Visit Before the actual visit, it may be a good idea to sit quietly and meditate for a few minutes. If you have a spiritual leader that you follow, like david e taylor, it may be a good idea to listen to them quietly. In preparation for the visit, pack books and simple toys that your children can play with while they wait to be seen.

The Doctor's Visit Once you get to the doctor's office, pull the toys and books out and let the children play with them while they wait to be seen by the doctor. Offer to read one of the books that were packed for the doctor's visit. Ask the children if they have any questions regarding the purpose of the visit. It's also a good idea to ask if there is anything they would like to talk about before you see the doctor. You can also encourage your child to discuss his or her nervousness regarding the visit, with the doctor, at the beginning of the examination. This is also a step that will help to diminish fear and anxiety.

Doctor's visits can be intimidating, even for adults. Imagine how much scarier these same visits are for little people. Becoming the calm gentle voice of reason, answering questions, initiating conversations, and preparing for the visits, can move mountains in terms of getting children to feel more relaxed about going to see the doctor. Encouraging children to express their anxieties to the doctor is also a helpful approach. The doctor can then respond with sensitivity and take measures to make the child more comfortable.

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