Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Silly Suna

I love how talkative Suna is already. She can express herself more clearly and is using familiar expressions at the age of 3. If you want to smile, read these excerpts from my conversation with her earlier today.

Conversation #1
Suna: I wanna be bigger and bigger then I'll go to zumba with you, Mama.
Me: Uh, okay. You and ate can join me. I will teach you how to zumba.
Suna: I want to do myself! I'm just big girl!! :)

Conversation #2
Suna: Don't go to gym, Mama.
Me: I need to go. I want to be strong.
Suna: Strong is for boys only. It's for Baba!
Me: Girls can be strong, too. You can see there are lot of girls in the gym.
Suna: It's not your age! It's Baba's age!! :D

More to come so stay tuned. Hihi.

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