Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Berdori Pearl Haul

So I have been meaning to publish this entry. Like I mentioned in my Berdori post, I going to share my mini shopping haul after. I know some of you are waiting for it. To be honest, I didn't really buy a lot of items, I only spent a few thousand pesos, but to give you an idea on how much would it cost for a strand of quality freshwater pearls or a pair of south sea earrings from a legitimate pearl store in Greenhills, here we go.

I got this pair of 11mm champagne south sea pearls set in silver for only P6,000. Pearls, being my birthstone, is my favorite go-to earrings at the moment. I can dress up and dress down with it. One more thing that I really love about south sea pearls is that I can wear them practically almost everywhere even on jeepney a commute. Deadma sa pitas hikaw gang ang pearls.

Now here is a pair of earrings, a choker and a bracelet in freshwater pearls of high quality. I got this set for P4,000 only. These are the ones I bought to be gifted to my husband's friend. They look very nice in person. Only my photo doesn't give enough justice to it.

I went back to Berdori the next day and bought another set of quality freshwater pearls at the same price range for another friend in Istanbul. In total, I bought a pair of south sea pearls for me and then 2 pairs of freshwater pearls earrings, 2 freshwater pearl necklaces and 2 freshwater pearl bracelets to be given as gifts.

You know, I previously heard about Berdori in an online thread before and read a few blogs about their store, so I was kind of interested to see them and their collection of south sea pearls and other jewelry. Their price range isn't really that high compared with other stores in Greenhills. I did a few rounds before going straight to their store and found that out for myself.

Do you like pearls? What is your birthstone?


  1. So beautiful!!! Thinking of getting a pair of pearl earrings as Christmas gift to myself. Is there any particular reason why you chose champagne over other colors? :) Thanks in advance :)

    1. Actually, my favorite color when it comes to south sea pearls is gold. I already have golden south sea pearl earrings, necklace and ring also set in gold for formal events, so this one is for ordinary days only. Next time, I will buy either light gray, baby pink or white south sea earrings naman. Gotta save some muna. Hihi.

  2. Hi Mrs. K! I LOVE pearls and those south sea pearls you picked are so yummy, hindi ko mapigilan pagtibok ng puso ko! lol! My birthstone is Ruby, but pearls own my heart.

    1. Di ba? I know a lot of people who adore pearls kahit di yan ang birthstone nila. Very sophisticated looking when worn either formal or casual. Lucky us cos we have a very good supply of pearls in the Phils.


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