Friday, August 05, 2016

Berdori: My New Favorite Pearl Store

Being a June baby and having knowledge that it is my actual birthstone, it is almost natural for me to like pearl as my jewelry. I remember admiring an old churchmate with her pearl bracelet, a gift from her fellow missionary from the Pacific. That time, I didn't know the difference between a freshwater pearl and a south sea pearl yet, so I was thinking my churchmate was one very lucky lady to have worn such beauty in her arm. As a young office girl earning a very humble income, obviously I didn't have enough money to buy real pearls. I thought, I can work hard and buy me some pearls someday.

Fastforward to present, I now have a decent set of south sea pearl jewelry plus better knowledge on pearls and pearl shopping. Just the other day, I made it to a legitimate pearl store in Greenhills by the name of Berdori and bought a set of quality freshwater pearls as gift to a friend and a new pair of golden south sea pearl studs for me. I know I was not supposed to buy again, but I was soooo tempted. Luckily, hubby approved my wish and so I'm a one happy wifey.

Next on my wish list is one of these south sea pearl necklaces. They all look so grand most esp. the golden one.

Or maybe another set but with diamonds instead of plain gold? Oh my, I think I'll have to starve my family to get one.

Berdori is now my current favorite jewelry store in the Philippines. Thanks to Miss Edwina, the very kind saleslady of Berdori in Greenhills.

I know I will be back to Berdori to buy another set of pearls. Update August 5, 2016 12:30 PM: I went back to Berdori to buy another set of pearls again today. Haha.

Wait for my pearl shopping haul to be featured in this blog soon! :)

G/F Pearl Market, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan
Cel. No. 09228592042


  1. Hello. I`ve been liking the beauty of pearls recently. I`m still in college so I can`t really buy right now, I hope I can buy a set someday because they are a beauty. Which do you think is the best kind of pearls? I`m still quite confused to the different types. I`ve also read in some articles that the largest and second largest pearls were found in the Philippines! The "Pearl of Lao Tzu" and "Palawan Princess" were both found in Palawan.

    Thank you for sharing about Berdori. Have a wonderful weekend!

    With Love, Kathryn (from

    1. The best kind of pearl is of course the south sea pearl. As I know, freshwater pearls are cheaper because they are farmed in freshwater and can be ready in months. However, south sea pearls take years to form and of course they are farmed in the sea. :)

    2. Thank you for sharing that information. I`ve been watching how freshwater pearls are farmed. It`s great to know.

  2. Soooo nice! A blogger friend also goes to Berdori Greenhills for pearls. I wanna have a pearl choker! Kahit fresh water pearls muna siguro, para afford ko, hehe. :)


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