Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sunday Church Day Outfit

I love dressing up on special occasions. But if there is one specific day of the week that I love dressing up the most, then it would be Sunday. On Sundays, I make sure I look prim and proper for the sacrament meeting and other church services.

Being one of the leaders in the Primary Organization, I believe I play a very important role in the eye of the young children in our ward. Modesty is always in my mind when choosing what to wear for the Sabbath day. For example, a coverup is a must if the sleeves are short. Stockings are needed when hemline is a little above the knee. Makeup should be minimal or else I'd go for a natural look. These and a bit more to consider in getting ready for church in my Sunday best.

Obviously here, last Sunday was just another dress up day. I finally wore this dress which I bought long time ago. It waited a lot in my closet because I used to feel like 'suman' in it. This time, I'm only a couple of kilos away from my desired/ideal weight, so squeezing in it was easier.

What I Wore:
-Forever 21 dress
-SM Woman belt
-Shoes by Tish pumps (will write a separate post on this next time)
-bag from Istanbul
-Anne Klein watch


  1. Hello. Your outfit is quite modest and sophisticated. I like the color of the dress. I hope you can make more outfit of the days and also make the photo a bit bigger. I miss dressing up for church. You inspire me. Happy weekend!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your kind words. Sure, will try to make more outfit post here. My photo is a bit small cos I used my mobile only. Will use my slr for better photos next time! :)

    2. You`re welcome. That`s great. You can adjust the size of the photo by simply clicking the photo (in blogger`s edit post) and choose between small, medium, x-large or original. I`m looking forward to your new posts!

  2. Oh, that one. I always use medium to save on space. If you can look at my old blog entries, some have large and original sized photos. I just always edit the html to save on space. But sure, next time will post photos in a larger size. ☺


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