Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Backblogging: One Sweet Day

It was another early summer afternoon, the kids were looking for something to snack on so I thought of whipping up some doughnuts for them. They gladly helped me cutting the dough as my mother-in-law watch us as she was not familiar with them. FYI, doughnuts are not a famous treat in Turkey. They have a wide variety of caked and pastries but nothing very similar with doughnuts.

Look, both girls couldn't wait for the doughnuts to get glazed.

Can you spot Suna's hand dipping a doughnut ball in a plate of sugar?

The sugar glaze was done right but the chocolate glaze was a fail. Boo! :P

I just remember posting this because of Bayram. If we were in Turkey right now, the kids will most probably indulge on candies and a lot more sweets. Bayram is like Christmas for children in Turkey. It's all about celebrations, treats, money, and gifts.

Bayraminiz Kutlu Olsun Arkada┼člar!


  1. Wow I've always wanted to try making doughnuts! Did you fry them? I saw some versions na baked kasi, baka less fattening lang hehe

    1. Hi sis! Yeah, these are fried. Hehe. Haven't tried baked doughnuts pa but as I know from reading different kinds of doughnut recipes, you just have to add more oil for the baked doughnut. Oil pa din so it won't be dry. :)


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