Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sunday Church Day Outfit

I love dressing up on special occasions. But if there is one specific day of the week that I love dressing up the most, then it would be Sunday. On Sundays, I make sure I look prim and proper for the sacrament meeting and other church services.

Being one of the leaders in the Primary Organization, I believe I play a very important role in the eye of the young children in our ward. Modesty is always in my mind when choosing what to wear for the Sabbath day. For example, a coverup is a must if the sleeves are short. Stockings are needed when hemline is a little above the knee. Makeup should be minimal or else I'd go for a natural look. These and a bit more to consider in getting ready for church in my Sunday best.

Obviously here, last Sunday was just another dress up day. I finally wore this dress which I bought long time ago. It waited a lot in my closet because I used to feel like 'suman' in it. This time, I'm only a couple of kilos away from my desired/ideal weight, so squeezing in it was easier.

What I Wore:
-Forever 21 dress
-SM Woman belt
-Shoes by Tish pumps (will write a separate post on this next time)
-bag from Istanbul
-Anne Klein watch

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Backblogging: One Sweet Day

It was another early summer afternoon, the kids were looking for something to snack on so I thought of whipping up some doughnuts for them. They gladly helped me cutting the dough as my mother-in-law watch us as she was not familiar with them. FYI, doughnuts are not a famous treat in Turkey. They have a wide variety of caked and pastries but nothing very similar with doughnuts.

Look, both girls couldn't wait for the doughnuts to get glazed.

Can you spot Suna's hand dipping a doughnut ball in a plate of sugar?

The sugar glaze was done right but the chocolate glaze was a fail. Boo! :P

I just remember posting this because of Bayram. If we were in Turkey right now, the kids will most probably indulge on candies and a lot more sweets. Bayram is like Christmas for children in Turkey. It's all about celebrations, treats, money, and gifts.

Bayraminiz Kutlu Olsun Arkada┼člar!

Ahhh.. dobo!

One of the dishes that I really missed while we were still in Turkey was adobo. I missed it a lot that I requested our helper to cook it right away the first day that we arrived in Manila. For me, nothing beats the taste of our native Filipino cuisine specially our very dear adobo. It is something that I can never get tired of. In fact, I can cook so many different kinds of adobo recipe from meat to fish to vegetables. This one though is my classic take on pork adobo.

I love my adobo to have a creamy sauce and I achieve that by simmering the meat in a low fire until the meat is tender and the sauce thickened a bit.

This has been my plate for lunch today. I always want my adobo to be served with rice and steamed vegetables. #teamadobo #ftw

Good news though for busy mommies who wants to a quick-to serve adobo meal, Datu Puti has come with adobo mixes in different variants featuring flavors from Bicol, Visayas, and Luzon. They are the adobo sa gata, humba, pininyahang adobo, plus the classic with a twist spicy adobo.

Honestly, I haven't experimented on cooking any of these recipes yet. I am always stuck with the classic recipe be it meat, vegetable or fish. This time I promise to try all using these Adobo Series mixes. After all, anybody can be an adobo master in his/her own kitchen, yeah?

With that being said, I am formally joining the Adobo Movement by voting for adobo to be the official National Dish of the Philippines. Thanks to Datu Puti for launching the campaign this year.

If you love adobo and would like to support the idea of it being declared as the 'pambansang ulam', I propose that you sign the petition to officially declare adobo as the National Dish of the Philippines. At least 500,000 signatures is needed, so cast your vote now at

Makibaka! Maki-pork!! Maki-chicken!!!