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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Funny Conversations With My Toddler

My firstborn used to throw funny lines when she was still a little girl and I remember documenting some of it here. This time I have a talkative toddler so I'm sharing some of her funny stints as to mark this milestone of hers.

Note: My baby daughter is 2 years and 9 months old.


Pronunciation 101
Me: Say spaghetti.
Suna: Spayhti.
Me: No. It's spaghetti.
Suna: Spayhti!
Me: Spa-ghett-i.
Suna: Yes, very good, Mama!!
Me: 😂

Good Morning
Askim: Good morning, Suna! Are you happy?
Suna: I'm not happy. Big girl ako!
Askim: 😐

Taking Vitamins
Me: Suna, here's your vitamins. Open your mouth.
Suna: No.
Me: Okay, so which one do you like, taking a shower or vitamins?
Suna: Ahh.. (opens her mouth).
Me: 😁

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