Saturday, March 05, 2016

What Your Clothes Say That You Can't

Apparel remains one of the biggest industries in the United States and abroad. This will almost certainly remain the rule rather than the exception for as long as people are on earth. The reason is simple. People don't just buy clothes to stay warm or modest. They buy clothes in an effort to communicate their own unique style and personality to the social world that they live in. Take a look at anyone's wardrobe and you will learn a lot about that person, whether they enjoy country western clothes or the more traditional and modest jeans and T-shirts that they throw on each day.

Saying it without saying it

No genre of apparel had quite as much impact as the punk wardrobe. When punk first burst onto the music scene, it started a revolution among young folks that continues to this day. And we all know that old punks never grow up either. They also want to continue sporting their favorite punk clothes and paying tribute to the music and culture that inspired them during their lifetime. Outlets like Angry, Young, and Poor have catered to this culture for decades. They do it with ever evolving versions of classics like Tripp pants which let the wearer announce that they are living a certain way.

Why it's important to say it

It's common for society's to try to regulate how citizens dress. We do a lot of split second judging of folks based on what they're wearing. Fortunately, we all know that personal style is important to have and impressions can be wrong. While many people see punk clothing and might misunderstand the culture or sense of fashion, there are legions of folks who have a great time dressing up and wearing what to them is their second nature. This is just who they are and it's written all over the style of their clothes. If something is important, it's worth saying it, and if your style is punk you can say it through your wardrobe without ever uttering a single word at all.

Punk clothing stores and apparel in general continues to make important statements for people year after year. Clothes aren't just fun. They're a wonderful way to explore your own personal taste and leave a lasting impression on the world that has influenced you so much.

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