Monday, March 28, 2016

Enter Easter

Why do we celebrate Easter? What is Easter for? I asked my 7 yo daughter these questions and she said, "It's the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ". She's right. He died in the cross for us, but ressurected on the third day. Jesus lives and that is why we celebrate it with Easter. He did an atoning sacrifice so that we will be saved. His atonement made it possible for us to be forgiven from sins. All of these is a part of our Heavenly Father's marvelous plan.

After the church services yesterday, my daughters together with the rest of the kids belonging to the Primary Organization in our ward participated in an Easter Egg Hunt. Us leaders, my president, fellow counselor and secretary, prepared colored boiled eggs, surprise eggs and small pack of candies. We divided the kids into 2 groups for an organized egg hunting and glad that it was such a success.

Some surprise eggs loaded with candies.

I love my floral dress. So perfect for Easter.

Goofing around with my little miss.

This girl surely know how to make her Mama laugh. 😂

A photo op with my fellow Primary leaders.

Did you get enough eggs, guys?

All smiles. Happy Easter! 🐇

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