Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tokyo Photo Diary (Part 1)

Without a doubt, my husband and I both agree that Tokyo is the most interesting of all Asian cities we've been to. I have been to Hong Kong and Singapore, hubby has been to Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, but nothing is as mesmerizing as Japan. The food, technology, culture and the people are all very interesting. I can't rave much now as I'm rushing to finish all my pending posts in the draft, anyway, just enjoy the photos.

This. A very light traffic in Akihabara at around 7:30 in the evening. Love it!

I carried my bay daughter for hours while looking around Ameyoko Market. Ouch my arms.

Sunny morning at Ueno Zoo, looking forward to see the Pandas up close.

Sorry my panda photos are blurry. Eto nalang.. first time to see a live giant tortoise..

and these very tall pink (or orange) flamingos.

Still in Ueno Park, I want to see this scene again plus the cherry blossoms.

The highlight of this trip is a visit to Disneyland! Woohooo!!

I spy the Disney Princesses.

I love their costume. So extravagant.

This could've been a perfect shot if not against the light.

It was so crowded tho. Wahaha!

Each daughter had a Mickey Mouse dinner to cap off the night.

Tired and cold yet very happy. Indeed, the happiest Halloween, ever.

Now missing our sakura panda room at Mitsui Garden Hotel in Ueno.

On our first week back in Manila, hubby would kid about him having a hard time in the bathroom because we're back to our ordinary, no buttons and music toilet. Hope to book tickets to Japan again next year. Gotta make use of my multiple entry visa. Our plan is for me and hubby to re-visit on our own, without the kids. I know there's still too much about Tokyo that we need to experience or explore. I can't wait till the day I fly to the Land of the Rising Sun again.

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  1. Sis nag DIY kayo? Or did you use a travel agency? Thanks!


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