Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tokyo Diary (Part 2)

This post is mainly about cosplayers I saw at Tokyo Disneyland during the first day of the Halloween Festival there. I thought I'd rather make a separate blog entry focused on this topic than make my first installment very heavy with these images. I swear I took too many that editing them, or I mean, re-sizing them took sometime for me to finish. I was too shy to ask each of them for a photo op so I just snapped a photo in every direction. Good thing is, the Japanese love photos very much, they don't care if you take some frames, and they will even smile at you if they see you taking their picture.

The funny thing about that day was, hubby and I didn't have any idea what was going on, seeing a lot of teenagers and youngsters in full costume, following famous Disney characters. The day before that, we were supposed to go to Shibuya for shopping and photo op with some Harajuku girls. The plan didn't work 'cause the girls got tired from going around Ueno Park alone.

When we arrived at the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland, we noticed almost everyone wearing a costume except for us. We felt out of place until seeing other foreigners in normal clothing. At the ticket section, we learned that it was the opening day of Disneyland Halloween, come in a Disney costume and free entrance to the park is granted.

Spotted Alice in Wonderland and other characters from the story.

These girls are so cute or I better say 'kawaii' in  Japanese.

The couple from the Arabic folk tale Alladin were present too.

And so were Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

These guys are a hit these days.. Star Wars!

My baby daughter's favorite.. Minnie Mouse!

More Minnie Mouse ladies!!

Aww.. this Mickey Mouse couple look adorable.

Lastly, these charming young women in a classic Minnie outfit.

There is no doubt that the Japanese started the rise of cosplay. I really admire their effort dressing up in full costume regardless of discomfort or chilly weather. One day, hubby and I will go back to Japan to finally walk the streets of Shibuya and get the chance of seeing people in ganguro, yamanba, and mamba fashion. Plus, get a side trip to Kyoto to see a beautiful geisha and for me to wear a kimono.


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  2. Thanks for showing this in your blog. Now I feel like I been there that day!


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