Monday, December 21, 2015

Can't Wait for Christmas Day

Still a few days more before the Christmas Day but the girls can no longer wait. They opened a few items under the tree and was able to take photos of their excited faces while opening their present. It is truly priceless seeing my kids this way. I am happy for them celebrating the Yuletide Season with lots of gifts coming from friends and loved ones. What a lovely sight.

My elder daughter smiles from ear to ear.

Look, a Mickey Mouse shoulder bag! :)

My baby daughter got an elephant toy.

When I was a kid, Christmas was simpler. Me and my brothers were not showered with many gifts. However, there was always a fest in my grandparents house where we grew up. My aunt would prepare my favorite buco salad and gelatine and cook a lot of delicious food like ginataang bilo-bilo, pork caldareta, pansit, etc.

This year, we are celebrating the holidays in my province again. Like any other Filipino families, Christmas season is the time of the year when most of my extended family members gather for a small reunion. My aunts, uncles and cousins will visit us and we visit them back also. On Christmas day, the kids will knock each door in the neighborhood for some coins and sweets. It's gonna be fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tokyo Diary (Part 2)

This post is mainly about cosplayers I saw at Tokyo Disneyland during the first day of the Halloween Festival there. I thought I'd rather make a separate blog entry focused on this topic than make my first installment very heavy with these images. I swear I took too many that editing them, or I mean, re-sizing them took sometime for me to finish. I was too shy to ask each of them for a photo op so I just snapped a photo in every direction. Good thing is, the Japanese love photos very much, they don't care if you take some frames, and they will even smile at you if they see you taking their picture.

The funny thing about that day was, hubby and I didn't have any idea what was going on, seeing a lot of teenagers and youngsters in full costume, following famous Disney characters. The day before that, we were supposed to go to Shibuya for shopping and photo op with some Harajuku girls. The plan didn't work 'cause the girls got tired from going around Ueno Park alone.

When we arrived at the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland, we noticed almost everyone wearing a costume except for us. We felt out of place until seeing other foreigners in normal clothing. At the ticket section, we learned that it was the opening day of Disneyland Halloween, come in a Disney costume and free entrance to the park is granted.

Spotted Alice in Wonderland and other characters from the story.

These girls are so cute or I better say 'kawaii' in  Japanese.

The couple from the Arabic folk tale Alladin were present too.

And so were Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

These guys are a hit these days.. Star Wars!

My baby daughter's favorite.. Minnie Mouse!

More Minnie Mouse ladies!!

Aww.. this Mickey Mouse couple look adorable.

Lastly, these charming young women in a classic Minnie outfit.

There is no doubt that the Japanese started the rise of cosplay. I really admire their effort dressing up in full costume regardless of discomfort or chilly weather. One day, hubby and I will go back to Japan to finally walk the streets of Shibuya and get the chance of seeing people in ganguro, yamanba, and mamba fashion. Plus, get a side trip to Kyoto to see a beautiful geisha and for me to wear a kimono.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tokyo Photo Diary (Part 1)

Without a doubt, my husband and I both agree that Tokyo is the most interesting of all Asian cities we've been to. I have been to Hong Kong and Singapore, hubby has been to Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, but nothing is as mesmerizing as Japan. The food, technology, culture and the people are all very interesting. I can't rave much now as I'm rushing to finish all my pending posts in the draft, anyway, just enjoy the photos.

This. A very light traffic in Akihabara at around 7:30 in the evening. Love it!

I carried my bay daughter for hours while looking around Ameyoko Market. Ouch my arms.

Sunny morning at Ueno Zoo, looking forward to see the Pandas up close.

Sorry my panda photos are blurry. Eto nalang.. first time to see a live giant tortoise..

and these very tall pink (or orange) flamingos.

Still in Ueno Park, I want to see this scene again plus the cherry blossoms.

The highlight of this trip is a visit to Disneyland! Woohooo!!

I spy the Disney Princesses.

I love their costume. So extravagant.

This could've been a perfect shot if not against the light.

It was so crowded tho. Wahaha!

Each daughter had a Mickey Mouse dinner to cap off the night.

Tired and cold yet very happy. Indeed, the happiest Halloween, ever.

Now missing our sakura panda room at Mitsui Garden Hotel in Ueno.

On our first week back in Manila, hubby would kid about him having a hard time in the bathroom because we're back to our ordinary, no buttons and music toilet. Hope to book tickets to Japan again next year. Gotta make use of my multiple entry visa. Our plan is for me and hubby to re-visit on our own, without the kids. I know there's still too much about Tokyo that we need to experience or explore. I can't wait till the day I fly to the Land of the Rising Sun again.

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Change Of Sets

If you've ever been in a play or have seen one one stage, then you probably know that the items in the scenes don't get moved on their own. They don't stay on the stage through the production, either. There are usually people behind the scenes who will work to change the sets, but it's often easier with theater casters that are placed on large pieces. These are small wheels that can help to quickly transport sets when the curtain is down. They are also used when the actors and crew are taking items into and out of the theater.

One of the types of casters looks like a turntable. It makes it easy for items to be turned around a corner and to possibly shift to another direction while they are still on the stage to create a different look. There are two plates on top of each other with a swivel between them. They are often used with welding tables and other workstations when sets are made before they are assembled.

Swivel casters come in various sizes. Most can hold up to 200 pounds each, making them ideal for moving heavy items as long as the weight is evenly distributed. Each piece is about four inches in height. There is a soft rubber on the wheel to allow the caster to roll of various surfaces. Since more weight can be moved, they are often used to transport items over a larger surface. The wheels can swivel in order to move items up and down ramps or through hallways that might not have a lot of room. Smaller casters are two inches in height. There is a braking system on each wheel so that the item can be stopped or left in one place without being moved as easily.

A triple wheel caster dolly holds more weight and can be used for sound systems and the electrical items that sometimes weight more than the typical set pieces that are used. A larger clearance area needs to be available as the caster is larger. The weight capacity for the dolly is up to 600 pounds.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Christmas Message

Hi everyone! I still have another blog entry featuring our Tokyo trip but I really feel like sharing this message first which is all about the real essence of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

Wishing each one of you a very merry Christmas. May your homes be filled with all the attributes of Jesus; lasting peace, unconditional love and great joy. Rejoice because unto us a Savior is born!