Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mom & Girls' Tokyo OOTD

As it was mid-autumn when we went to Japan last month, I packed tights, jackets and booties for me and my daughters for a 20° to 25° weather. To my surprise, it was much colder in Tokyo during our visit. The temperature was around 16° to 18° in the morning, 20° to 24° in the midday and 10° to 14° in the evening. I had to layer 5 pieces of clothes for my baby daughter, 4 layers for my elder daughter, and 3 layers for me. If I only knew, I had put my old leather coat to use, as well as the girls individual coat.

The girls were so cute and twinning in their Gap denim jackets.
On the other hand, I was all chilly in my Forever 21 cardigan. Lol.

This is my first time to post a mom and daughters style for autumn. What do you think?

I am not a fan of the very cold weather but I love dressing up for it. I like it that I can layer on my clothing and play with textures. My family is heading for a long vacation to Turkey again next year in late winter to late spring. I already started filling our suitcases with sweaters, coats, jackets and some knitwear as early as 2 months ago. Believe it or not, I also did some shopping online and had the items I bought shipped to our address in Turkey. And oh, talking about online shopping, I am currently tempted to take advantage of the mad discounts and jaw dropping deals at Zalora's Online Fever. The holidays season is just around the corner. I gotta buy the last few items in my Christmas list. Ciao for now!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Askim's 7th Birthday

I now have a 7 year old. This sentence, I should repeat in my mind over and again in order to fully understand what does it really mean. Feels like just yesterday when I delivered her via C-section at Makati Medical Center. Now she is at 2nd grade and foot size is almost as big as mine. Last September, we celebrated her 7th birthday at Chili's in Greenhills, something that I would like to be published here so I can also share it to our family in Turkey and she can get to read it in the future.

Mi familia. I wrote about my daughter's Pinkie Pie fondant cake & cupcake tower here.

The party setup of the restaurant was simple, following the My Little Pony theme.

The girls each received a My Little Pony stuffed toy.
The boys got Baymax neck pillows (not in the photo).

There were games, lots of them, to be able to finish all the prizes I bought. Lol.

Food was served in a buffet. The choices include our old favorite classic nachos, buffalo wings, spaghetti, big mouth burger bites, french fries, and fried cheesecake,

The cupcake tower was so tall that hubby had to carry Aşkım in order to reach the fondant cake.

Thanks both to old and new friends who came to the party.

Thank you to every kid who participated and made the party a fun one.

To our neighbor..

Aşkım's schoolmate..

And relatives here in Manila who showed up.. thank you very much!

Dear Aşkım,

It is a great pleasure to be your mom. Seeing you grow from a tiny and cute little baby to a beautiful kid that you are right now is just amazing. I love it that you became a sweet, friendly and bright girl. I hope you continue learning all the knowledge you can get and apply all the positive traits you observed from church and home.

I love you so much.



Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pinkie Pie Fondant Cake & Cupcake Tower

We got My Little Pony as a theme for my elder daughter's 7th birthday in September. I know I have been meaning to write about it here in my blog, but I just got to publish the ones from our Singapore trip first. I'm all done with it so now it's time to talk about this Pinkie Pie fondant cake which I ordered for Askim's big day at Chili's Greenhills. I initially thought of getting an 8" fondant cake with 5 of the major characters from My Little Pony. Things changed when I saw some inspiration from my cake supplier's IG account. I finally settled with a 6" Pinkie Pie fondant on the top of a cupcake tower.

Covered in fondant is a chocolate ganache cake inside.

This 3 layered cupcake tower has exactly 70 pieces of mini cupcakes.

My elder daughter was absolutely happy with the cake I bought for her.

For those who are interested with my cake supplier, it's Niji Desserts, the same supplier whom I ordered the flowers and fairies cake on my baby daughter's 1st birthday. For reference, check the details of her Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc. in my previous post HERE. Miss Banaag, the owner, is very creative and easy to transact with. Her cakes don't just look beautiful but they taste very good as well.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. I paid P5,000++ for the cake and cupcakes above.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

LDS Quote of The Day

"Because you are His child, He knows who you can become. He knows your fears and your dreams. He relishes your potential. He waits for you to come to Him in prayer. Because you are His child, you not only need Him, but He also needs you."

-Rosemary M. Wixom