Monday, October 05, 2015

Switching to pH Care Naturals

I just ditched my old feminine wash and switched to pH Care Naturals. I got this super cute wooden crate with 2 of the newest femme products from pH Care Philippines the other week which I right away added it to my bathroom essentials and now helping me to feel naturally fresh and clean everyday.

Two of the main ingredients in these all-new pH Care Naturals line are papaya and guava leaves. As we all know, papaya is a popularly used in whitening products while guava leaves is famous for its medicinal compounds.

As someone who grew up in the province, yours truly is a big fan of guava leaves because of the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterials agents they contain. So, I am happy to be one of the lucky bloggers to receive these products from pH Care Philippines.

I also believe in the whitening ability of papaya as it contains a natural enzyme called papain which mainly promotes exfoliation to reveal newer cells and softer skin.

Women these days are faced by different challenges when it comes to their sensitive area of the body. Some women complain about having dark skin, making them feel less confident in wearing a swimsuit; others suffer from itchiness and infection. Good thing the people behind pH Care have a thorough understanding of these concerns that they were able to come up mild and effective intimate care products using natural ingredients from papaya and guava leaves.

If you are still using a random product and not even sure if it is really safe to whiten your intimate areas, I suggest you switch to pH Care Naturals with Papaya Extract now. It is a whitening feminine wash that can keep you fresh and fair at the same time because of its natural ingredients.

I am now a fan of pH Care and currently using the pH Care Naturals with Guava Leaf Extract. I am confident with this product. I helps me feel fresh, clean and odor-free.

These products are now available at a leading supermarket, drug store or beauty store near you. The 50mL variant is P49.50 while the 150mL variant is P104.

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