Sunday, October 11, 2015

Litte India Singapore

Hi again! I know I should be updating this blog more often for still have a lot of items in my draft. My goal is to publish them all at least before I go out of the country again, so here is another installment under the Singapore series. Let me tell you about this one particular place that both hubby and I liked so much during our quick Singapore trip, a neighborhood popularly known as Little India. This is where we found affordable and authentic Indian cuisine.

The streets are remarkable as they look distinct from other streets. They are more colorful as they are filled with shops like in the photos, small stores selling bargain products from clothing to cellphones, and tourists and local shoppers including Indian women in beautiful saris.

This is the Indian grocery where we bought water and snack items. They have cookies and biscuits, canned goods, spices and grains. Hubby was supposed to buy some grains but changed his mind upon realizing that we didn't have check-in baggage allowance going back home.

These flower garlands are just too pretty to ignore. I think they are to be worn by Indian couples for their wedding. Those white ones are sampaguita or jasmine in English. The red ones are roses. The yellow ones, I am not sure. It looks familiar but I don't know its name.

Here is the colorful facade of the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple taken with flash at dusk. I took sometime adoring those little statues of Indian images. Aren't they lovely?

Inside the temple is just as colorful and alive. Entrance is free. One only needs leave his shoes by the gate, enter barefooted and remain quiet while inside the temple as form of respect to those who are praying or performing a ritual.

Whenever we go visit Singapore again, I am 100% sure to visit Little India again. :)

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