Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Tips for Dealing with Troubled Teens

As much as you love your kids, you may not feel quite the same way once your children reach their teen years. Between dating, puberty and problems at school, it's not surprising that so many teens choose to act out. Whether your kids begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol, engage in some risky behaviors or simply act out in the classroom, you might find yourself reaching the end of the rope. Before you give up hope or react to your kids in negative ways, you can try using a few tips to deal with your troubled teens.

Keep Your Teens Active
One reason why some teens act out is because they simply aren't as active as they were before. This doesn't mean that you should plan activities for your kids every day or make them follow a set schedule, but it does mean that you should look for some ways to get and keep your kids active. Plan fun trips to local attractions on the weekends, encourage your teen to bring some friends on a family camping trip and suggest some after school activities that your kid might love. The more things your teen has on his or her schedule, the less time that teen has to get in trouble.

Take Time for Yourself
Parents of teenagers often make the mistake of focusing more on their kids than they do on themselves. Dealing with an emotional or troubled teen can leave you feeling stressed, and you might find yourself taking out your stress on your spouse or your coworkers. Reducing your stress is easy when you take time for yourself. Something as simple as taking a day trip to your favorite museum, unwinding in a hot bath or sitting down with your favorite book can help you focus on yourself again.

Getting Professional Help
Once your teen reaches the point where you can no longer care for him or her, you may want to look at programs for troubled youth like the Wood Creek Academy and other schools. These programs accept teens who engaged in risky behaviors and those who broke the law. Your teen will have someone watching over him or her every hour of the day. These programs offer plenty of activities and the structure that teenagers need. When you cannot help your teen at home, a program like this might be your best option.

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