Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Changi Airport: One of the Reasons to Go Back to Singapore

Let me tell you a little secret, I've been to only 7 international airports in the past, and with my family's recent trip to Singapore, Changi Airport makes it 8. I have seen just a portion of it, mainly Terminal 2, but I can definitely say that Changi Airport is the best in my list. So far, the second best that I've been to is the Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong. The third would be the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. Now, how is it that Changi Airport is considered the best airport in the world? Let me share my observation and site some personal notes.

This is where my kids enjoyed a lot-- the koi pond. They had fun tossing coins in the pond and admiring the colorful fish that were swimming around. It was just relaxing to watch.

My elder daughter posed like a nymph in the forest. :)

One can sit in that wooden bench, read a book or chit chat with friends while waiting for flight.

Most airports have plants to please the eye of travelers, but Changi Airport exceeded my expectation after seeing trees, plants, and flowers in almost every corner of it. The orchid garden in particular is very beautiful. Never seen something like it in all the airports that I've visited.

Having this kind of beauty inside a terminal is a breeze. I just wish we can have them in the Philippines, too!

I know there is more about Changi Airport that I am yet to discover. I heard they an awesome slide at Terminal 3, a swimming pool and a sunflower garden somewhere in the rooftop, a snooze lounge, a butterfly garden, free movie screenings, MTV zone, and many more. Indeed, Changi Airport is one reasons for me to go back to Singapore. Looking forward to seeing it again!

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  1. Your daughters are beautiful, like mommy! Hope you're having fun in SG!


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