Thursday, August 27, 2015

Suna's 2nd Birthday

This month marks the 2nd birthday of my baby daughter as she was born in the month of August in 2013. Unlike her 1st birthday that was held in Vikings together with very close friends and relatives, the 2nd birthday was something more laid back. She doesn't go to school yet so she doesn't have a lot of friends to invite. The main reason why we made the celebration simple at home.

I ordered a chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting with her current favorite cartoon character it.

This is her disturbed in her afternoon nap by visitors ringing the doorbell. Lol.

This is our photo op with her neighborhood playmates before blowing the cake.

What we prepared for the home party:
-puto and kutsinta
-pansit bihon
-pork barbecue
-hotdogs with mallows on stick
Not in picture:
-buco salad
-ice cream

Askim was more excited. She felt like it was her birthday, too!

Look at the camera, baby. :)

Askim and her favorite cheese pizza..

Another photo op with titas and lola after opening all the gifts. :))

Weeks before her actual birthday, Suna attended a couple of parties in the neighborhood where she learned how to sing the Happy Birthday song and pretend blowing a candle. A few days before her birthday, she would ran to the calendar with her birthday marked in red, point it while saying, "Na, pi bitdey.. house!" That means, Suna's birthday will be celebrated in our house. So cute of her. I love her so so much! I am very grateful to have such a sweet and pretty daughter!!

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