Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 Bathroom Must-Haves

One of my favorite parts of a house is the bathroom. Whenever I visit a place, either a friend's house or a hotel, I always check the bathroom and its amenities. At home, I am a little meticulous when it comes to cleaning our lavatory. Although it is not that grand looking, I often make sure it is not stinky, floor is not wet, no unnecessary things hanging, and it has enough supply of toiletries. Today, I would like to share some bathroom must-haves that I am planning to add in our next bathroom, which is hopefully, in a house that we'll purchase for our growing family.

1. Large Mirror - I mainly need this for my bathroom selfie. Just kidding. Well, who doesn't want a mirror for skincare and makeup purposes? I believe a bathroom mirror which is large enough for me to see, for example, my back when pimple spotting, is essential.

2. Raindrop Shower Head - To be specific, a raindrop shower head with built-in heater. Imagine standing with pouring overhead water that feels like rain. Okay, I take cold showers on normal days but I prefer lukewarm water when the season is cold. I also turn up the water temperature after spending hours in a dance workout. I heard there are companies out there that offer top brand heaters like the Indianapolis Water Heater. In case, hubby will be the one to take care of these things and I'm sure he'll be able to find a good supplier for our future home.

3. Bath Tub - Honestly, our current place has 3 toilet and baths. However, none of them has a tub for dipping and relaxation. The kids will surely enjoy it if we have one, taking a bubble bath and playing with a rubber ducky before bedtime.

4. Concealed Cabinets - I don't like exposed bathroom supplies and hanging towels, most specially scattered dirty clothes. This is what I want concealed cabinets are for. There must be a hidden cabinet at the back of the mirror, at the back of the door, and the sides of the toilet area where I can put my hamper, extra shampoos and other bath products, clean towels, etc.

5. A Big Space - The master's bathroom is the biggest in our house. For our future washroom, I want more space bigger than what we have now. It is best to have a separate room for shower, toilet and bath and a bigger legroom in front of the mirror. I would love to put a little couch in there and some plants and decorations on the walls, too.

How is your own bathroom? Does it have a separate shower and a toilet? Do you know any supplier in the metro comparable with Water Heater Indianapolis? Please let me know in the comment below. Thanks!

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