Friday, July 03, 2015

Troy in Çanakkale

Hello there! I supposed you didn't expect me to update in less than a week after my last post. Well, surprise.. surprise!! I got motivated seeing that my followers continue to visit my page, plus I get new likes in my Facebook page, not everyday, but at least, every week. So, thank you, ladies, very much for your continued support. Any which way, this is just another installment for my Turkish vacation series. As continuation to my family's roadtrip to the Aegean Region, here is a short photo story of our visit to the ancient city of Troy or Troia in Turkish, an archaeological site and a very famous tourist spot in Çanakkale Province.

This huge replica of the Trojan horse greeted us right as we enter the premise. It was really hard to take a photo without anyone in the background since this area was always flocked by visitors for souvenir photos.

Once can actually go up the stairs, check the inner rooms of this wooden horse and peek in one of those windows just like what my baby daughter is doing in the photo. Don't worry, she's safe being held tight by my dear husband.

It's spring time when we went to Turkey this year so my kids and I enjoyed the stroll without so much to complain about. The weather was sunny but our cheeks were kissed by the cold wind. Just perfect.

I can't give a very clear background about this place. If you are familiar with Illiad and the Odyssey, heard names like Menelaus, Agamemnon, and Helen, then happened to watched Troy, a 2004 film of Brad Pitt, then I think you know a thing about it.

This site gives us an idea on how was the civilization of the old Greek people. Actually, I was amazed by the beautiful engineering done with these buildings. Those sturdy marble and bricks surely passed the time.

I imagine the common people and their leaders watching a performance in this theater. Some women and sitting in awe while some men are standing while cheering.

What this area could be? These pile and pile of stones appear to be a part of something huge. Whatever it is, I'm sure someone wealthy or influential lived in it.

This trip to the Aegean for the sight of Troy educated my elder daughter, refreshed me with my knowledge on Greek Mythology, and truly opened our minds of the possibility for the humankind to unfurl whatever existed for centuries but buried beneath the earth.

Till my next post! :)

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