Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Shangri-La Weekend

Before leaving for Turkey April of this year, I knew I just had to book a short trip to an island resort for some swim, sand, and sun scheduled before the summer officially ends and the classes start. True enough, we didn't have the chance to swim even we stayed at the Aegean region while in Turkey because it was spring during our visit. A few days after we came back to Manila, off we went to Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa in Cebu for a real summer vacation.

It was our 3rd time in Shangri-La Mactan. My elder daughter knows how good is this place is so she's the most excited about this trip. The moment we checked in, she already wanted to change into her swimming suit and take a swim.

This was the beautiful view from our Ocean Wing room. It's a cropped photo but aside from the clear pool and the lush of greens, if you can look at the upper left, you can see the peeking ocean
where tourist would go kayaking, snorkeling or ride jet ski.

This is my favorite spot so much. It's like stairway to paradise.

I just had to have a photo taken there together with my girls.

Here's the view from the opposite side of the room. It's the garden and pathways leading to the Main Wing and Buko Bar.

One of the perks of staying in a fabulous hotel like Shangri-La Mactan is having breakfast buffet. This was my delicious dessert platter from the Tides filled with pastries and fresh fruits.

As usual, we opted for al fresco dining so the kids could chase the birds in case they try to eat our food. Haha!

They got free twisted balloons from the restaurant. How nice is that?

So, what to do after a sumptuous morning meal? Swim.

The girls has a favorite spot as well and this is it-- the Aqua Play. Next to that, the elder daughter also likes the Adventure Zone, while the baby daughter likes the Toddler's Zone (both not in photos).

A lavish wedding was held at the beach front on our 2nd day at the resort. How I wished I was able to witness the bride walking the aisle, but the girls got too tired from the activities of the day that we couldn't go out anymore; just called for in-room dining and retired to bed early.

Sleeping like a boss. :P

If there is one reasonably priced 5 star beach resort I would love to book every time, that would be nothing else but Shangri-La. My next goal is to book Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa for our 10th year anniversary next year. Hubby told me to choose a getaway for us, book the tickets and the hotel so first one in mind is Boracay. We'll see next year.

Do you have a favorite island hotel? Please share.

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