Thursday, June 04, 2015

Impressing the Boss During the Probationary Period

A person’s first few months on a new job are some of the most awkward times that he or she will have in a lifetime. The new employee will have to try extra hard to blend in with everyone and show off his or her skills and work etiquette. All new employees will want to try to impress the higher-ups so that they keep the job during their probationary periods. The following are some tips for impressing the boss during the few months and keeping the job opportunity open:

Dress for Success

Dressing for success is crucial to gaining respect in the workplace. Dressing for success may be a simple task such as buying clean mandatory work uniforms. For example, a hotel receptionist may visit a professional store for a pack of hotel front desk uniforms.

No Lateness or Absenteeism

The first few months on a job are crucial, as the new employer has the right to dismiss the employee for any reason of any kind. Therefore, a new employee will want to ensure that he or she comes to work on scheduled days and times. If an emergency arises, the employee will want to follow the correct protocol for calling out or notifying the employer of lateness.

Get Along With Everyone

The new employee should be in perfect harmony with everyone. No arguments, gossip or unhealthy competition should occur. Employees should work together for the common goal of the company. Various personalities will sometimes clash, but that does not mean that they have to express it during work hours. Managers often monitor how their employees are getting along, and they will terminate someone whom they feel is a trouble maker.

Prove to Be an Asset

Finally, the employee will want to spend the first few months on the job proving that he or she is an asset to the company. The employee should work quickly and efficiently. The person should ask for additional tasks once he or she is done with one task. Furthermore, the employee will want to assist co-workers with tasks with which they need help. A person who follows all of the previously mentioned tips will be sure to keep the job after the initial period ends.

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