Sunday, April 26, 2015

Summer Parties

So, what do you love the most about summer aside from the sun and the sand? As for me and my family, we love attending parties! Any kind of fun but wholesome parties. You know, right after the end of the school year, invitations came one after the other. My daughters, or our family in particular, got invited to several events. There was a wedding, a 1st birthday, baptism and so on. Most of parties were held on a weekend so there came a time wherein we had to turn down an invitation and focus on just one. Here's some of the photos I collected so far.

This was a fairy-themed party for my elder daughter's friend from preschool. My bunso attended the same party in a floral dress and wings, too, but cranky and didn't want to participate much.

Here are my girls wearing pink at a friend's wedding reception held at an LDS chapel in Para├▒aque.

It was nice to be reunited with this beautiful family. We used to hang out a lot when I was still working in a cable company in Sucat.

The bride is the most beautiful on her wedding day. She's one of closest friends down South. We're friends for over 10 years.

Then, my dear panganay planned a sleepover party, inviting a couple of friends from the same building where we live. Only one friend came 'cause the other wasn't feeling well.

Nevertheless, these two enjoyed their slumber party over some potato chips, cookies and milk. I could tell they had fun drawing and making funny remarks of each other.

Next, we attended my younger daughter's 1st Jollibee party. Yes, she's already fascinated with that big red bee at 20 months and calls the character "Jabee". Here she is and her Jollibee spaghetti face. Lol.

Actually, it was her best chum's very 1st birthday bash. The theme was the kawaii Hello Kitty.

There she is and her mom. They have been friends since early babyhood.

The one who had a blast at the party is ate. She gained a new friend and won a couple of games.

There's still over 30 days of summer before classes start, so we'll surely enjoy the rest of it. I am done booking some tickets and hotel both local and abroad. I did some shopping for each trip and started packing. I can't promise it now but will try my best to post and update when there's time.

Have a lovely summer, you guys!


Mrs. Kolca

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