Thursday, February 26, 2015

Suna's Milestone

My little baby is turning 19 months old in a matter of days. She's getting bigger and taller each day. She's learning new words like yesterday, she just uttered the word 'bag' for the first time. The day before that, she finally mastered pointing parts of her body like nose, eyes, ears, mouth, head, hair, and tummy. And boy, she's fond of bags and shoes just like her mom. She would open my closet, grab a bag or a pair of heels then go around wearing them. Haha!

Oh my darling.. I will do anything for her.

She is so pretty even with her poker face.

This is her baho face. My favorite.

I can upload videos of her doing the same stuff that other babies do in videos that goes viral over the internet, but no, I am keeping them for myself for now. Besides, my connection is cranky these days, so uploading a video can take a while. That's it. Only tree cute pictures. Till then! :)

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