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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Primary Presentation 2014

A couple of Sundays ago was my elder daughter's Primary Sacrament Presentation. That morning, I woke up earlier than usual to prepare breakfast and cook lunch in advance. When my baby daughter rose from bed, I was only halfway done with the food so hubby took care of her. Thanks, babe, I really appreciate it. So, firstborn was so excited participate in the sacrament presentation, saying her line in front of the congregation and singing the hymns that the sisters in the primary arranged for them to sing. After the service, we went to our respective Sunday school classes, then managed to took some photos before going home.

The girls all look so pretty in pink. Some of them will move to the Young Women's organization soon. Oh yeah, I mean them taller ones at the back.

Here they are together with the ward's primary leaders and teachers.

Now, this is me and my lovely girls in our Sunday best.

She wore the crochet shrug I bought during our last trip to Baguio over a pink lace dress. I curled her hair for this special day.

And the little one wore..

the dress I made for her that was featured here.

This year's theme for the sacrament presentation is 'Families are Forever'. For my daughter who is only 6 year old, I know she doesn't fully understand what does it really mean. But, for me, it means that I can be with my own family in heaven. Life here on earth is called temporal life, while our ultimate goal is to gain celestial life.

What do you normally do on Sundays? Do you go to church? Are there church activities that your or your kids particularly enjoy? Share, please.


  1. My husband makes it a point that we go to church every Sunday. He's the religious one. Ang gaganda nyong tatlo in your dresses! :)

  2. You have beautiful children. Sundays in our household is going to mass and having a special family lunch or dinner with my parents.

  3. Sunday is family day for us so it is our time to go out or eat out. My husband is Catholic so they don't have Sunday classes for kids.

  4. So nice to get the kids interested in church activities early on.

  5. your daughters look very pretty... and oh my you made those clothes.. wow! how i wish i can also do the same, have too many kikay outfit ideas on my head.. but i am intimidated with the sewing machine hehe

  6. We usually attend Saturday Anticipated Mass :)

  7. Your daughters look so adorable! Gaganda ng eyes niyo! :)

  8. It's Saturday for us. After church service, it's usually cuddle time at home. Sunday is training or race day for me and the hubby.

  9. On Sundays we go to Church and eat out afterwards. It's become sort of a tradition (and a rest for me from cooking). If we don't visit relatives (grandparents), we just stay at home and really rest - prepare for the new week ahead.

  10. Your daughters are really pretty :)

    Sunday is also Family Day for us. But we don't bring the kids to Church yet since the last two times we tried, nagingay lang sila and we can't concentrate sa Mass :(

  11. Your daughters are pretty..:) Well, Sunday has always been a family day for us- and church day. My kids are always looking forward because of the Sunday School. Although, lately, we rarely visit as we have classes during Sundays.

  12. Pretty girls :) It's fun to dress them up ^^


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