Wednesday, December 03, 2014

No Heat Curls Tutorial

I asked my elder daughter if she wants me to curl her hair for the sacrament meeting presentation and she said yes. You know, this is one of the best things that I love about having girls, aside from being able to dress them up, I also get to play with their hair. I tried curling her hair before using a different method. The result was tiny curls almost like Merida's in Brave. You can see it here. This time, I am using foam curlers and the result is medium curls.

This curling technique is done without using heat or chemicals. However, the process needs to be overnight. You can either wash your hair and air dry it for a short while before curling or proceed with a previously washed hair then dampen it with water. I prefer the latter one for my daughter's thin hair.

Materials Used:
-10 pcs foam curlers
-water spray
-hair spray (optional)


Brush the hair. Spray some water to dampen it. Separate a section and spray some more. Twirl the hair in a foam curler, twisting the ends of the curler to secure. Make it tight enough so the curls will form well. Repeat the same process to rest of hair. Go to bed. In the morning, start by carefully removing the curlers one by one. Comb it once and mist some hairspray to make it last longer.

Now, this is my elder daughter with her new hair. Pretty, isn't it? I love the result so much. I want to do it to my own hair, too! :)


  1. You make it seem so easy!!! I've never succeeded in curling my hair at home lol.

    1. I know! I had a hard time doing this to myself so I used my daughter instead. Haha.

  2. Nice! Pwede rin yan sa ating adults. San nakakabili ng foam curlers na yan, sis? Hehe. :)

  3. Your daughter looks so cute! :) I would love to try that on my hair. :)

  4. unfortunately, it doesn't work perfectly for my daughter, might try to leave it on her hair in the evening and remove it in the morning, will see if it works this time.

  5. I'd love to learn how to curl my hair! I think it's gonna be hard but you make it sounds so easy. Haha!

  6. Thanks for this info, I would love to try this on my baby girl :) I would love to try this on my hair but I guess it wouldn't work since my hair strands are a bit thick. :p

  7. I'm glad I have a son because I don't know how to use that. :) I love the result and it looks like your daughter loved it. Cute!

  8. Your daughter's pretty! I want to try that method but my hair is still too short. There's also a no-heat curling method only involving a hair band!

  9. Your daughter is so cute! How I wish my daughter will have long hair in the future. Sa ngayon kasi at 10 months, unti lang buhok nya kaya minsan napagkakamalan syang boy. Waahhh..

  10. That's really nice! I never liked using curling iron because of my clumsiness :)) Anyway, will check this out. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I wish I had a daughter to practice this on! I'm not good doing my own hair. The curls suit your daughter!


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