Friday, December 05, 2014

Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party

I just attended the best blogger Christmas party. As you can tell or if you are an old reader of my site, I stopped attending blogger events after giving birth to my baby daughter and focused on being a full-time mom, running the household, breastfeeding and stuff, but stayed active in blogging and social media all through this time. One of the blogger groups in Facebook to which I belong, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, held its first Christmas party at Spaces by Babyland and it was a super fun-filled one. Being with fellow mommies who enjoy doing the same things as you do is absolutely pleasurable. We took lots of photos, did a lot of chika, laughed all our lungs out, and all.

Since the Yeah, Shoot! booth was situated right at the entrance of Spaces, we went ahead and took the advantage of the unlimited frames. Eyes on the camera, girls. Click.. click.. click! :)

Most of us wore white and blue in different shades. Can you guess the theme? Oh yeah, it's winter wonderland, baby! Beat that?! Haha!! Kidding.

The caterers were impressive, most specially, Love Desserts which was my favorite. I tell you, I gotta stop myself after a slice of the rainbow cake, a couple of tiny cheesecakes, and a coconut macaroon.

For the record, I didn't dive into the ocean of cakes and pastries first. I had a serving of lasagna (sorry no photo) and a yummy bite of this sweet ham, a perfect dish for the holiday season.

I also tried the cocktail corner of Posh Caterer. Other than that, there was a spread prepared by Shekinah Dishes and Kubiertos Catering. They were all delicious.

Anyway, after a short game and eating and laughing out loud, the raffle draw began and I just got lucky to win a major prize. It's an Acer Tablet from Abenson. Congrats to me! :D

Another mom blogger, Paulline Joy Flores, got to take home the Sharp LED TV. Everybody was jealous of her awesome loot. Congratulations to her, too!

The rest of the mommies got to take home items from GloriettaThe Cream FactoryNature Essentials and Renuzit.

By the end of the party, everyone's hands were full, carrying loot bags from other sponsors like Triumph and Nailaholics.

Fly Ace gave away a set of these products to each mommy: Jolly Garbanzos, Good Life Egg Noodles, Jolly Pineapple Chunks, and Doña Elena Al Dente Lasagna.

As pasalubong for the ones at home, we received a Trolli bag with candies and gummies. There were items from Teleserv, Zomato, and Lazada as well. Sorry no photo 'cause this entry is already loaded.

Again, it was the most wonderful blogger party I attended. I truly salute the mommies behind Mommy Bloggers Philippines for a good job well done. Thank you Mommy Lanie of TweenselMom.Com, Joy of JoyGurtiza.Com and Louisa of ArtOfBeingAMom.Com. Looking forward for another fruitful year with you ladies. More events, projects, and workshops. God bless you and may the spirit of Christmas dwell in your hearts not just this season but throughout the year!


  1. Wow, you're so lucky! Congrats! I hope I could join next time. It looks so fun.

  2. I missed this party... my baby didn't let me join :)
    I miss my Mommy blogger friends, it has been so long!

  3. You guys had so much fun, and all those loots. Iam really envious. I hope venue will be bigger next year to accommodate more mommies. Merry Christmas!

  4. congrats on getting a major prize! love how the MBP community has grown. cheers to us! :D

  5. Wonderful party with wonderful ladies. I hope to join next year!

  6. Awesome post! so happy to know you mommy and congratulations again, you are soo lucky :-)

  7. Looks really fun. I hope to join you mommies next year. And congrats too! :)

  8. now i'm inggit! it looked like you guys had tons of fun. hoping to join future MBP event :) -edel

  9. It's really sad that I missed this :( I actually signed up for it, but then a school activity was scheduled the same day so I had to back out. Hopefully we have more get togethers like this soon!

  10. I wasn't able to make it since my family needed me. :( But super happy that the party was a success!

  11. Hopefully I'll be able to attend parties organized by the Mommy Bloggers Phil next year! It sure looks so much fun :)

  12. It was truly nice meeting all the wonderful mommies of MBP!

  13. Nice to meet you at the MBP Party! How's the tablet? :)


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