Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY Christmas Stocking Ornament

Oppss! I am not done with my DIY Christmas ornaments yet. Don't worry though, this is going to be the last for this year. I promise.

So, I made yarn Christmas balls and some glue snowflakes. I already blogged about them. Follow those links in my previous sentence if you wish to learn and add extra fun to your tree this year. Now let's talk about how I created this Christmas stocking ornament.

Materials Needed:
-white felt fabric
-gold string beads
-gold ribbon
-gold beads
-white thread
-sewing machine
-glue gun
-glue sticks
-white thread

Here's How..

First thing to do is create a stocking pattern out of cardboard. Lay the pattern to the felt fabric and cut multiple stockings out of it.

Cut the gold ribbon, following the same width of the stocking. Sew it around to 2 felt stockings together.

Sew some bead design to the stocking. I chose the star design because it's simple. Glue the strings beads right below the ribbon, attach a thread using needle for hanging and its done.

The morning after I hung these stockings, people in the house recognized the difference and gave me compliments. Honestly, I love how it turned out. Wish I can make more stuff to beautify our tree, but we're already busy and it's already Christmas in a few days. I guess I'll have to save the rest of my creative juices for next year.

Happy holidays!


  1. Grabe, ang tiyaga mo sis ha! Pero ang ganda naman ng kinalabasan talaga. Ikaw na ang DIY queen. Pag ako sinipag mag DIY sa bahay, etong blog mo ang magiging primary resource ko. :)

  2. This is cute! Great for any Christmas tree! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's a very cute DIY! I guess this is better than buying the pricier commercial ones :))

  4. Perhaps you can add a video next time as well :) Thanks for this.

  5. That's really very nice. I'm not really an arts and crafts kind of person so I admire those like you who are great at these types of things.


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