Wednesday, November 05, 2014

DIY Christmas Balls

Do you feel the cool breeze? It's almost Christmas. Just 49 days to go. In preparation for the holiday season, I got rid of our old Christmas tree and bought something bigger. As I have a certain design to follow for this year theme, I'm gonna be needing new Christmas tree ornaments and accessories in order to achieve the look that I have in my mind. And since the tree I bought is kind of expensive, I'm going to DIY the things that I'll be hanging on it, saving money as much as I can. Here's for project number one. These are DIY Christmas balls made out of yarn. The design I created is simple but unique.

Follow this step by step procedure if you want the same inexpensive Christmas balls for your tree.

Step 1. Blow a balloon.
Step 2. Cover it with yarn.
Step 3. Mix glue with water. Add glitter for added design.
Step 4. Wet the wrapped balloon in glue mixture.
Step 5. Hang to dry for 24 hours.
Step 6. Pop the balloon.

This is how the yarn balls look in my new 6 feet tall (not yet done) Christmas tree.

Here's a close shot of one of the DIY balls.

One can actually play with the design for this project. Use different colors of yarn like red, green, or gold. Follow an overlapping pattern when wrapping the balloon. Aside from glitters, you can also decorate the balls with sequins or studs. Just have fun!


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