Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baguio in November

It was a planned trip. We went up north a couple of weekends ago to unwind and feel the cool breeze of Baguio. Our family left home at around 6 in the morning. The drive was pleasant except for the traffic in Urdaneta. Anyhow, we reached the foot of the Lion's Statue at 11 o'clock. Thanks to the easy trip through NLEX, SCTEX and the new TPLEX. Total drive was 5 hours plus some pits stops like breakfast in Bulacan and answering the call of nature in Urdaneta. Mind you, I've been to Baguio four times before. I was there in October of 2000, went back in February 2008 for Panagbenga, once again in July 2011 and then followed by a seminar at Teacher's Camp in September 2012. Now for the 5th time and in the month of November, here's a photologue of our visit to the summer capital of the Philippines.

This is our small family, stopping by for a photo op with the lion statue carved from a big stone. From this landmark to the main city is another 20 minutes drive.

This is where we stayed for two nights, the Microtel by Wyndham. In case you guys are interested, I'll publish a separate entry about it later on, so check back for my review.

Love this flower with different colors from a stall near Burnham Park. I'm not sure how they call this flower, though. If you happen to know this flower, please do share in my comment box below.

More colorful blooms. The fresh and beautiful flowers of Baguio are a sure hit to tourists. They are the reason why Baguio City holds a flower festival every year.

Us again, looking for strawberry taho in Burnham Park. Taho, where are you?

Here, hubby and I sat on a bench while the kids and my cousins ride a boat. We also hired bicycles and ate some street food to kill time.

We were at The Mansion the next day. Generally, the weather was fair during midday, but chilly in the morning as well as evening. In November, temperature changes from 14° to 25° from day to night.

At the Botanical Garden's entrance, we paid P10 to each of these grandmas for a photo op. They're so funny esp. the one who dictates what kind of pose to do in every take. Haha.

Inside the garden, we paid P20 for every costume we rented. My baby daughter liked the flower baskets and headpiece a lot.

Isn't this cosmos? This variety is very pretty with double petals.

Caught a tiny bee pollinating this super pink beauty. If I could only pick some flowers to take home.

We passed by Bell Church on our way to La Trinidad on our last day in Baguio. It's a place of worship so entrance is free.

We got lost finding the strawberry farm. Haha. Blame that to hubby who sometimes fails to follow the navigator. Sad news.. there's no strawberry picking in November. Most fruits are still tiny and green. They won't be ready for picking until late December to February.

We had the yummiest strawberry ice cream in La Trinidad. Like really, it was really unforgettable.

After this trip, I realized that Baguio isn't worth the long ride it anymore. It has bigger population, lots of buildings and establishment everywhere in the city, and houses look like piled one after the other. The terrible thing is, there's too much traffic even on a Sunday! Okay, the weather is nice and they have the freshest veggies, something that people from Manila and other nearby provinces envy so much, but I can see danger in those narrow and winding roads. I guess it will take a long while before we can think of going back to this place again. So long, Baguio!


  1. What a fun family vacay! Ganda ng facade ng Microtel ha. The flowers with diff. colors are called statice. Sulit sya bilhin kasi pwede sya patuyuin (air-drying is best!) at gamitin ng matagal. :)

    1. Statice pala tawag dun? Now I know. Haha. Just googled it and learned that is more known as Limonium. Also called sea-lavender or marsh-rosemary. May iba-ibang variety din sya. Thanks sa info, sis.

  2. It's been a while since I last went to Baguio and your photos bring back memories! :) You guys looked like you had fun! (y)

  3. I agree with you on your last paragraph. I used love Bagui but now that it has become populated and more modernized/commercialized, it has less of an appeal. but I heard of a lot of interesting places to eta there too. Did you happen to go to Bencab museum and cafe?

  4. You enjoyed a lot with family circle! Envy me...LOL..'cause never visited some places like Baguio. At least, enjoyment comes from within, even you're not traveling.

  5. Great photos! Baguio is definitely a good place to bond with the family.

  6. I always associate Baguio with happy memories. The last time I was in Baguio was somewhere in the early 2000's. Do they still have the ukay ukays in Session Road?

    Very shala ang Microtel ha. I'll wait for your review on it because we're planning a Baguio trip in the office. :)



  7. I miss Baguio again. You seem to enjoy the trip and it's a good thing to spend time with family.

  8. Still looks like a nice vacation for you, though your last paragraph reminds me of how long I have been missing Baguio right now. Was thinking if after 12 years, is the city still worth it to travel.

  9. It's been a while when I really have a vacation. I miss Baguio! :( Hope the kids enjoyed it.

  10. I really hope that I can visit Baguio. I have heard of Microtel and I know that they are one of the good places to stay when visiting Baguio.

  11. Baguio is one of my favorite places on earth. I have so many beautiful memories here. Lovely photos by the way.

  12. I've only been there once and that was several years ago! You have nice family, too. P.S- I love your photos!!! :)


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