Thursday, October 02, 2014

Primadonna Nude Heels

Here's what I am planning to wear on my elder daughter's birthday party on Saturday. I gave up a couple pairs of high-heeled shoes during the last spring cleaning and haven't added a new pair until seeing these nude ones. Actually, I was tempted to buy shoes a number of times as I did a lot of window shopping both online and offline. I would spend hours looking for some sexy heels in a certain website, or else, force my hubby to wait for me while I try some cute pumps at a nearby mall. Problem was, I really couldn't decide what kind of shoes or which color to buy. I was checking random celebrity photos one day when I realized that all I need is a pair of nude heels. I have black pumps, cage heels, wedge shoes, ballet flats, pink sneakers, etc. However, I don't have any pair of nude heels in my closet yet, something that is versatile enough to go with feminine dresses and skinny jeans.

Here's the new addition to my tiny shoe collection.. Primadonna heels in nude color.

This is my second pair from the same brand, so far.

A closer shot of the details.

The heels are not too high so they're comfortable for my feet.

I love my nude shoes! I'll also wear them to church and formal occasions like wedding. Now, the next thing on my list is a pair of sneakers. I need it for my next out-of-town trip. I might get something with a floral youthful touch like Keds.

There is this online store called Zalora which I often visit whenever I feel like shopping but no time to go out. I like Zalora because their site has clear photos of the products they sell, their delivery system is fast, and lastly, cash on delivery is very convenient in my part being a person who prefers to pay cash rather than credit card. I already bought several items from Zalora before. My latest transaction with them was yesterday and my order was delivered right away today.

Zalora has a lot of shoes in their collection, so I'm sure to find one that fits my budget and style. To check out ZALORA Philippines collection of women's sneakers click here. Happy shopping to you, too!


  1. The designs of their shoes are really nice but I have to say the quality sucks. I bought one pair of brogues from them and after one or two wear, it peeled like crazy.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. In my case, I bought my first Primadonna heels back in 2012 but it's still good as new. Today, I visited their branch in Megamall and bought my 3rd pair. Why don't you give it a try again? :)


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