Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Princess Party

I can't believe I am posting about another children's party. We just celebrated our baby daughter's 1st birthday at Vikings, then here I am, featuring our elder daughter's 6th birthday. As far as I can remember, hubby and I promised not to throw a big birthday party for Askim every year. When I say big, I mean it is something that we do outside our home, either in a fast-food restaurant or event place. But, as I look back, it appears that we partied each year and it seems unstoppable especially now that we already have two girls. Why is that? I think it's because both hubby and I can't help but celebrate every time they reach a milestone. It is how we show gratitude to the blessings of having two wonderful daughters.

The venue was Cake City at Goldilock's Cake Plant along Shaw Blvd. We invited family, friends, and neighbors to have fun with us. A clown hosted the party.

Here's the birthday girl, wearing a Princess Sofia costume, sitting beside an old friend and her daughter. She's the one who picked Sofia the First for her birthday theme this year.

The kids gathered to have a photo op with Goldilocks' cheerleader mascot. As you can see, my baby daughter is fascinated with her and aren't afraid of the sight of a mascot at all.

This Goldilocks Sofia the First cake is so cute. I was supposed to order another fondant cake, but then again this is fine and an effortless pick for me.

This is how it looks in full view. The flavor of this cake is chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate ganache. Everything is edible except for the sticks that hold the heart-shaped sugar candies.

Look at that happy kid. It doesn't matter now if we the food was a bit crappy or the clown wasn't really funny. Can't take it back anymore. For as long she loved her party. right?

I didn't bother much on following the theme. I just made sure she got her Princess Sofia dress and her Sophia the First cake, then we all dressed in purple, that's all.

Thanks to everyone who came to the party. Special thanks to all the mommies and daddies who dragged themselves just for their kids to participate. Hoping for a bigger and better party next year.

Lastly, the Sofia the First dress custom made by Fancy Ava paired with white tiara, white shoes and stockings. This is the same dress she's wearing to her Halloween party at school today.

Askim is thinking to have Little Pony as her 7th birthday theme. I say not yet dear.. don't decide on a theme yet until at least 3 months before your birthday. Who knows there is a new movie or cartoon series coming, you'll really love it, and then think of it as your birthday theme. We'll wait and see. Till next year!


  1. Happy Birthday to Askim.. She is now a pretty little lady ^^

  2. Happy bday to your pretty daughter, sis. Nice and fun party. More to come! :)


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