Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Native Filipino Costume

August already passed and Buwan ng Wika is over. I just have to share this second DIY project that I made after the baro't saya I sewn for my elder daughter. Remember I said I originally wanted to make a T'boli costume for my her? As for my second choice, I was thinking of an Igorot or Mountain Province costume, too. Again, I tried to look for a fabric that resembles a T'nalak from South Cotabato or loin cloth from Benguet and I was lucky enough to find one.

I am not sure which ethnic group was the inspiration of this fabric but I bought anyway. I love the zig-zag design and the color combination of dark pink and blue. I paid only P70 for it.

This is the finish product of my DIY project as worn by my daughter over black leotard and leggings (from last year), paired with pink sandals of gold accent and colorful wooden bead accessories.

This gradeschooler can be very active, so instead of a headdress, I made a matching headband to keep her hair to the sides. I thought it's more comfortable that way.

She liked her new ethnic costume. She wore it without any complain. In this photo, she's pretending to dance the Kanyao, spreading her arms with open palms.

My goal for next year's Buwan ng Wika is to find the real deal. By hook or by crook, I should be able to come up with a T'boli costume. Just kidding. Hahaha! I mean, I'll find a way, a smooth and legal way, okay? I want to create something that I can be very proud about, and of course, it should be complete with accessories like the headdress, necklace, and belly chain. The beads are easy to find, I am sure I will be able to DIY each piece of accessory. As for the fabric, should I go to Mindanao for it or find a person to get it for me, I don't know yet. Perhaps I can start hunting for a T'nalak-inspired fabric as early as now. Friends, help me!


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