Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Girls, My Blessings

The fact that my baby daughter turned one last month while my firstborn is celebrating her 6th birthday today reminds me of how blessed I am as a mom and a wife. I know myself.. I am not a perfect person. I made wrong choices in the past and mess up every once in a while, but Heavenly Father is a forgiving God and so His blessings lingers in my home. I am grateful that I have a hardworking and understanding husband, more grateful that I have two sweet and beautiful girls as daughters. Almost everyday of my life, I can't help but wonder how amazing God is for giving me this life.

My dear Suna and Askim.. please don't grow up too fast.
Mama loves you both so much. I cant' imagine living without you.

I hope that God gives me more health and strength to take care of you.. witness your every milestone.
I will to see you go to school, earn a degree, get married and have babies of your own.

I didn't grow up with a mom beside me so I promise that I will take care of myself for you.
Mama will press on and endure everything for your sake.

Ate, how cute you are when you are smiling that way with your dimples showing!
As we celebrate your birthday, I wish that you stay healthy, smart and cheerful.

Bunso, well, look at you.. already walking with confidence at the age of 1.
You started with 2 to 4 steps when you're 10 months, now you can even run.

My heart is full. Truly, I feel humbled that I could not ask for more.
With a lot of hugs and kisses. Love, Mama.

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