Friday, August 08, 2014

Suna Isobel is One

Exactly one year today, I was in Makati Medical Center, giving birth to my second daughter Suna Isobel. Time has flown by so fast, huh. She is now talking, walking, and doing a lot of awesome baby stuff around the house. I must say she is a sweet and happy baby. She smiles a lot even to random people at a mall or elevator. She is now the apple of the eye of my family.

She can pose for the camera. Look at that smile.

Just like a doll. She knew I was shooting so she smiled some more.

As she turns one today, I reflect on how wonderful Heavenly Father is for giving me this baby, entrusting her life to me, me being her mother. I am overwhelmed by the fact that this very cute creature came from my own body. At first I thought hubby and I had a firm agreement about having one kid only. Things changed when he got carried away, or best to say we, by the request of our elder daughter to have a baby sister. The next thing I know, I was already having signs of pregnancy and here goes the second baby. I love her to bits.

My dear Suna Isobel, the world is yours. Conquer it!

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  1. Your baby Suna is sooooo adorable! She's definitely a doll! Not many kids would happily pose like that in front of the camera. She's such a natural! ^^ Anyway, happy happy birthday to Little Princess Suna! <3


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