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Snack or Baon Ideas for Kids

My mommy friends and I share the same problem and that's how to feed a picky-eater. When I posted photos of bento lunchboxes for my elder daughter from first day of her school, I got a number of comments and private messages regarding where to buy bento tools, a question which I already answered in an entry here, what food to prepare that kids will surely like, etc. Today I am writing an another entry of yummy snack or baon ideas for the hope of helping fellow moms with the same problem.

Get a little creative. Turn your kid's lunch or snack into a delightful bento. I'm sure she'll love it.

I often notice my 5 year old picking the foods to eat, brushing the vegetables that she doesn't like, or asking for something else to eat other than those already served on the table. As a hands on mom, of course I can't just allow her with unhealthy choices. As much as possible, I want her to avoid fast food, ready-to-eat meals, and junk food. Instead, I will make sure she gets a daily supply of carbohydrates, protein, fruits and veggies, milk and vitamins. Not easy, really, the pressure of making her eat properly sometimes grates on my nerves.

A simple bento: chococolate chips cookies, tomato & cucumber slices, and buttered corn with cheese.

Now for the list of easy to prepare, easy to pack, snack or lunch ideas for picky-eaters, here you go.

1. Sandwiches - A sandwich is easy to pack and easy to eat that's why it's perfect for school. Be it a regular sandwich, a panini or grilled sandwich, etc. You can have it anyway you want it with different types and flavors.

-cheese sandwich
-triple cheese sandwich
-ham and cheese sandwich
-tuna sandwich
-egg sandwich
-turkey sandwich
-clubhouse sandwich
-baked beans sandwich
-barbecue sandwich
-chicken salad sandwich
-hotdog sandwich

2. Burger - Like sandwich, a burger can have different filling or patties. Below are some options for your consideration.

-chicken burger
-cheese burger
-double decker
-mushroom burger
-cheesy mushroom burger
-all meat (including salami & bacon)
-vegetarian burger

3. Dumplings/ Steamed Buns - Dumplings are eaten with rice here in the Philippines. Most dumplings are steamed. Some are fried. I suggest you prepare these dumplings beforehand, freeze them, then thaw for reheating.

-chicken siomai
-beef siomai
-pork siomai
-siopa asado
-siopao bola-bola
-purple yam buns

4. Torta or Omelet - This is perfect with rice. My daughter loves tortang talong a lot. This is one way of making her eat veggies. More choices below.

-tortang talong
-tortang hotdog
-tortang giniling
-tortang isda
-tortang kamatis
-mushroom omelet
-cheese omelet

5. Others - This list include choices that may require early preparation but similar to the dumpling choices, you can always freeze them and cook when it's time to pack your kid's lunch.

-daing na bangus
-homemade meat loaf
-homemade hash browns
-cheese balls
-homemade fish balls
-spring rolls

That's it for now. Will update this list as soon as I come up with more ideas. Ciao! :)

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