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Monday, August 11, 2014

Quick Bear Pizza Bento

On busy days like Mondays, I normally whip something quick in my kitchen for my daughter's school baon. This is not the actual snack I prepared today, but I'm sharing it as a sample of my quick bento. As you know, I rarely pack a rice meal for my gradeschooler. Before she hops in her school bus, I make sure she was able to eat rice first. Their break at school is only 20 minutes, so packing her lunch isn't advisable. Just a small snack will do.

I have here some tomato slices, chocolate-filled biscuits, scrambled egg, and cheese pizza cut into a bear shape.

I tried to roll the scrambled egg, cut it, and sealed with a Mickey Mouse food pick. Looks cute, eh?

Still not feeling very well since Saturday. I have a slight fever, headache, and a runny nose. After the kids got sick, thanks God they were better before the dinner party last Friday, it was me who became under the weather. And oh, I have milk blister, too! Not good esp. on a breastfeeding month of August. Anyway, I hope you all mommies are fine as well as your little ones. I am positive that things will get better and better everyday. Can't wait for another weekend of fun with my family. Have a good day!

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  1. Your daughter's bento is tooo adorable! Bet her classmates are envious hehe. Get well soon sis!


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