Friday, August 15, 2014

Project Filipiniana Costume

It's the month of August again, the month wherein Filipinos celebrate Buwan ng Wika, the same month that kids go to school wearing a traditional costume or Filipiniana every Friday. At any rate, I have been looking for a cheap Igorot costume for my elder daughter though I have to admit that my first love is really the colorful culture of T'boli, ethnic people of South Cotabato. Their native fabric called T'nalak seems harder to find, so I was supposed to settle with something Ifugao-inspired as alternative. With that in mind, I went to my favorite fabric store to see if they have anything close to the ones worn by the Cordillerans yet found nothing. Sadly, I had to pick the quick and easy to DIY costume again, the baro't saya.

This is pretty much the same with what she wore in Junior Casa 1 here.

The only difference is the bakya and the addition of a panyolita used as a headband.

Sew, sew, and sew. I bought the white kimona (top) in Guadalupe, then the floral fabric at Megamall.

Cost of this project:
-white top, P150
-floral fabric, P140
-bakya, P160
-ethnic necklace, free gift from my uncle

Total: P450

I am happy with the outcome of this project, considering the fact that I only paid P450 all in all. If you are to check SM's Kultura, they sell a wrap around floral skirt with a very bad quality for P400. I was feeling desperate and nearly bought it, but glad I changed my mind. I promise that I will get that T'boli costume for my daughter next time. I will ready it even before the next school year starts. Promise!

PS. Sorry for the ironic entry, blogging in English while in fact it's the language month of my home country. I hope you guys understand that most of my readers are from the United States, though. Hihi.


  1. Wow! Great work! :D I had an extensive class on Philippine fabrics back in undergrad and T'nalak was my favorite :)

    xFrancesca of

    1. You are lucky to have attended such class. What was your major? :)

  2. YAY! Finally I'm able to leave a comment on your lovely blog, Mrs K. :) Your daughter looks so cutey patootey in her kimona!

    Like you, I also had a hard time looking for a Filipiñana outfit (nope, I don't have kids yet) for myself since we had a "Buwan ng Wika" theme day in my office (ironic for a call center lol).

    I totally agree about how pricey the stuff being sold in Kultura Pilipino are! I ended up purchasing this malong instead. I wish I had your sewing skills, imagine the savings I'd have.



    1. Thanks, dear! Finally.. it's working in your end. Regarding Filipiniana in your office, wow, first time to hear something like that for a call center. Hehe.

  3. a true frugal mom.. I'll try this when my daughter is old enough :)


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