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Saturday, August 02, 2014

New Bento Tools

I just traded shoe shopping with bento shopping. I was at a mall last week, and then the other day, planning to buy a pair of sexy sandals to be worn on my baby daughter's first birthday, needed a new pair after the longest time, girl, I don't even remember the last time I bought a pair of heels, so off I went. However, yeah, like I didn't expect it to happen, I ended up doing rounds at Daiso and Japan Home, looking for new bento picks and other stuff, twice in a row. So, here I am sharing to you my loot, plus some awesome gifts I received from a very sweet blogger friend in Japan. Thank you so much for the gift my dear. You know who you are.

Loot from Daiso store: bento lunchbox, food picks, food molds, and silicon dividers.

This is really cute. I already used it to mold a gelatine. Askim loves it!

Something I've been looking for.. animal food picks. *happy dance*

Now enter the package I received from Japan. Look at those Hello Kitty stamps.

What's inside: food picks, rice molds, silicon cups, and Japanese erasers.

This is now my favorite food pick. They're so overused na.

Oppss.. here is something extra. I got it from the grocery.

If I ever want to go shopping again, I guess I'll most probably buy a pair of shoes and not bento tools anymore. Please my dear self, enough of the bento tools. Hahaha. I already lost my shoe money twice. Hopefully, I will be talking about a new pair of shoes on my next entry.

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