Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marian Rivera's Hermes Birkin Bag Collection

I remember featuring Marian Rivera with her blue Hermes Kelly bag in a blog entry here. That year was 2011 and she was starring in a movie called Temptation Island together with Lovi Poe, Heart Evangelista, and Solenn Heussafff. Fast forward to the present, Marian is now engaged with her long time boyfriend, Dingdong Dantes, and apparently, as seen in her Instagram account, she is now a proud owner of lovely, lovely Hermes Birkin bags in different colors and materials. Prepare to drool.

This couple dubbed as DongYan is very sweet. I am guessing the Hermes Cyclamen Birkin with golden hardware that Marian is toting is the newest addition to her collection.

This must be the Rose Tyrien. It is so pretty and feminine, adds a flash of color to her all white ensemble. Marian is a stand out beauty on her own, but the bag made her more elegant and stylish.


Whether dressed down with her mom and grandma or a bit prim and proper to go on a date, the green Birkin made both outfit look fresh and pleasant to the eyes. Can you tell what kind of green is that?


Purple, pink and green.. here comes Hermes Cumin. BTW, another celebrity I know with a yellow Birkin is Gretchen Barretto. The two obviously share an excellent taste, huh?

If I were to buy my next bag, not Birkin because I'm poor, I want it in this of kind of brown, similar to Marian Rivera's classic Hermes Etrusque Birkin, a versatile masterpiece.

I think this is the kind of Birkin that suits Marian Rivera's beauty well-- White Clemence. It is perfect for her aura. She glows with it even the photo was taken at night.

Black is another classic color for a Birkin. I supposed this piece didn't escape Marian 'cause girls sometimes want to be plain yet powerful.

Last but not the least is this Birkin in tricolor. I see this one is a unique piece because of its red and orange detail. Its material could be Clemence for the black and red, then Varanus Niloticus for orange.

For the record, I saw an authentic Birkin just once or twice and never held one with my own bare hands. I only learn from window shopping online, checking luxury sites, reading fashion articles, and visiting shopping diaries of bag hags around the world. So, I hope you excuse me if I label most of these bags incorrectly. I am posting this entry in admiration of Marian Rivera and her Hermes Birkin bag collection. Please feel free to comment if you know the correct name, color, or material of any of the bags in the photos. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

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  1. I love Marian and Dingdong! I thought their engagement was pretty sweet, too x Anyway, I envy her extensive Birkin collection! I love the brown and black one she's toting in the photos!

    x Francesca of

  2. I don't really get amazed by super expensive bags, but I admire Marian a lot. :)

  3. Wow, as in you follow Marian! All those Birkin you spotted so cool! Oh, there's a second hand and even brand new branded bags sold at the basement of Cinderella you may want to check out :)

  4. wow! owning a luxurious brand is every lady's dream. i love the green one :) i hope someday when i hit a fortune to have one too. sana soon.

  5. She's a huge fan of the brand pala, I never knew. I love the purple one, mostly because it's my favorite color. :)

  6. My! That's a lot of Birkin, amounting more than a million pesos already. Nakakaloka. :)

  7. I must admit that I haven't seen a Pinay with so many Hermes bags so I had to google if they are authentic, haha.


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