Saturday, August 23, 2014

Look What Happened Next After a Mom Discovered a Naked Barbie in Her Daughter's Toy Box.

How do you like the title of this entry? Hahaha. This is what I get from reading too much viral articles in the internet. The truth is, I got bored the other day so I looked for something to spend my spare time with. I ended up creating a tiny Filipiniana dress for Barbie out of the leftover fabric I used to sew Askim's new baro't saya. Actually, making tiny dresses for her Barbie is one of the things that I've been planning to do. I can see that some of the dolls in her toy box already lost their clothes, some lost their shoes. I grabbed one of them and gifted it with a makeover. Here she is now, looking perfect for the celebration of Buwan ng Wika.

A prank I did to my husband through Viber:

Me: There is an American woman here. She said, she wants to borrow Askim's costume. Blonde girl. I don't know what to say to her 'cos (I think) Askim's clothes don't fit (her).

Hubby: I don't know. If you want, let her borrow.

Me: Okay, I did. Good thing it fits. She likes it. Doesn't she look pretty?

Then, I sent him Barbie's picture..

Hubby: Maniac :)

Me: I got you. Hahaha!

Hubby: I love you.

Me: I love you, too, po.

I realized that Barbie's hips is too small, the skirt I made gut stuck in there, now it looks like a mini on her. I was expecting it to stay in her hip 2 so the length should be similar to a midi, but it keeps running up. I guess next time I know what to do. I'll leave it that way for now and take no pressure yet. Besides, this is just my first time to dress a Barbie. More to come. Hopefully.


  1. This is so creative, I think you can even start a business from this concept hehe. And I laughed out loud with your entry's title. I dont get it why articles are written in such fashion. I dont click through those links kasi iniisip ko baka virus :)

  2. Wow.. so nIce.. You are soo creative and artistic.. Cool ^^

  3. Bagay pala kay Barbie ang Filipiana dress.

  4. Ooh, so cute! Hahaha. The title and the prank on your hubby -- wise crack. Haha!


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