Friday, August 22, 2014

Cheese Sandwich and Chocolate Cake Bento

Okay, based in the photos, you might want to ask how come I call this cheese sandwich and chocolate cake bento when all that you can see is piece of cheese in a flower design and the rest are fresh slices of cucumber, mango balls, and chocolate cake in a bear shape on the side. Well, the truth about my sandwich is, just the top part visible and the rest of the sandwich is concealed. Lift that cheese and you'll see the whole sandwich.

I am using my bento flower divider and in cute animal bento food picks for the first time.

Isn't it cute? Fresh and delicious, too. My elder daughter loved this simple bento so much.

To my Instgram followers, as you may notice I stopped posting bento photos everyday not because I stopped making them, it's because I decided to synchronize my IG with my blog. From now on, the bento that you'll see in my IG will be the same bento featured in my blog.

Oh, for my next bento blog, I will be sharing one of the bento boxes I prepared during the past exam week. I am also adding a quick snack recipe in the same entry. If your kids love chocolate, I suggested you watch out for it. That's it for now. Have a happy long weekend, everyone!

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  1. this really looks so delicious! When I was a kid, I don't like eating my baon because it looks so boring (but it really tastes good, mom made it for me :)) If I had this type of baon, I will eat it everyday and show it to my classmates :)


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