Thursday, July 10, 2014

That Day I Ate Like a Viking

It was my first time to visit Vikings Megamall after they opened last summer. Hubby, the kids, a couple of cousins, and I went there for a birthday celebration. As the title of this entry goes, I ate like a real Viking that day. I think I learned the basic tricks on how to maximize my buffet experience, considering my number of visits to Vikings in MOA and SM Marikina in the past.

When the buffet started at 6 o'clock in the evening and as people swarmed the tables, I told my cousins not to be shy and try anything they like. They haven't been to any Viking restaurant before so I knew they'll get overwhelmed by the spread of different cuisines. End of the story, I was the one who gobbled the most amount of food that night. Here's the story.

Plate #1. Hors d'oeuvre. I got cold cuts, different cheeses and grapes. I ate everything in this plate except for the blue cheese which I gave to my husband.

Plate #2. Another appetizer for me is this salad I made from the DIY salad bar. I love it that Vikings have the freshest ingredients. My salad was so crisp and healthy.

Plate #3. I skipped the soup and went straight for binagoongan, salmon tempura, and steamed rice. I also tried safe (read: no raw meat) sushi after over 3 years. The taste? Not bad. I actually liked it! :)

Plate #4. This is my mix of cuisines plate composed of pork siomai, Greek moussaka, steamed shrimp, and chicken lollipop. As usual, the winner in this batch is the yummy siomai.

Plate #5. Say hello to my plate of delicious grilled squid, tuna, tanigue, and salmon came. This made me wish I queued at seafood section before having the appetizers. Oh well, next time.

Plate #6. Okay, it's a "bowl" of ginataang halo-halo, but aside from this, I had another bowl which I forgot to photograph-- my ice cream bowl. Hehe.

Plate #7. This is the last plate. As you can see, it's all for dessert. I got my favorite creme brulee, some fresh fruits, maja, cassava cake, and chocolate ball.

I still can't believe that I just engaged into gluttony and emptied all 7 plates. How was that possible? I don't know. Shameless as may sound yet I am very proud of myself right now. I was able to beat my husband and my two cousins. I think I could enter an eating contest and win a prize. Hahaha.

Kidding aside, I almost starved myself that day, preparing my tummy for the birthday dinner of my dear hubby. Plus, I am breastfeeding momma, and like they say, you have to double your calorie-intake when breastfeeding so I guess that's why I was able to eat like a Viking. Burp.. burp.. burp! Oppss.. excuse me!! :P


Thanks for dropping by. Have a great day!