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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Cake and Spaghetti Bento

I am little overwhelmed with the amount of feedback from my friends and followers regarding my bento photos in Instagram. As you know, my account is connected to Twitter and Facebook. Anything I post in IG is also shared in my other two social media accounts. As a result, I decided that I'll blog about my simple bento creations from now on. Actually, this is something that I wanted to do when my elder daughter was still a toddler, but then, her school was for 3 hours only and all that I prepared for her snacks were mostly a choice of fruit and a choice of biscuit, cookie or bread. Fast forward to present, she's already in grade one now so I think it's the perfect time to make cute bento for my picky eater's school baon.

Bento box #1 contains butter cake with heart design, mango balls, and grapes.

Bento box #2 is where I put the spaghetti. Oppss.. I forgot to top it with cheese.

This bento creation is pretty similar with the one I made on her first day of school. My goal in following this food craze is for my daughter to be excited with every meal I prepare, making sure she'll like it and she'll be able to go home with an empty snack bag. I avoid putting something that she doesn't like in her bento, though. I tried charaben one time, you know, rice with animal shape and nori face, but she didn't touch it. After that, no more nori experiments from me. Besides, I don't like the idea of putting artificial colors in my daughter's food in order to achieve Pooh or whatever character she likes. I do not use lots of raw veggies as divider or garnish, too. As of these days, the only edible divider I use that my child doesn't eat is lettuce. As soon as I find silicon or plastic divider at Daiso, I will stop using it.


  1. nice! :) i'm planning to make a bento too :) for our family baby :)

    1. Try it. I am sure your baby will love it! :)

  2. started to check out your blog! love the bentos :)


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