Thursday, July 24, 2014

Askim and Her Tree Hole

When I was a kid, let say around 7 to 8 years old, I used to love sitting at the corner at the back of my grandparent's living room, doing a monologue of self-invented stories while playing with paper dolls at the same time. In the province, when it's rainy or too hot to go outside, I remember pretty well that I would stay at home and play all by myself just like that. Both of my brothers do not share the same interest as mine, reading stories, writing, scrapbooking, and all. Glad that my elder daughter is showing the same signs. She's been buggin' me for a Dora diary and those glitter glue and color pencil kept in the small drawer in her room. Now here she is, sharing a story, which I think, is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It has an illustration to match.

Sorry for the quality of the video, though. I took this using my point and shoot camera.

She included her baby sister in the story as one of the major characters.

Her dog stuffed toy Doggy-doggy, too!

Look how cute is her drawing of Doggy-doggy here.

I am not sure if she's gonna like it when she's already grown up and reading this blog entry. I hope she'll thank me for documenting her cute antics here, as well as her sister's. My generation was not that high tech unlike theirs. I mean, my childhood days were the early 80's so I couldn't keep any of my work online. Mind you, we didn't even have a TV at home. All we had was a radio transistor.

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  1. Your girls are very pretty :) I'm sure they'd be very happy to read your blog some day :)


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