Monday, June 16, 2014

Suna's 10th Month Birthday

Being a full-time mom has a lot of perks and my most favorite is witnessing each of my daughter's milestone, growth, and development before my very eyes.

A week ago, my family celebrated our baby daughter's 10th month birthday. I baked a chocolate cake for her and then we had a little party. As I mentioned in a previous entry here, we do this to make them feel they're equally loved and not a single girl is valued more than the other.

The first photo is for IG. My dear followers, you saw the funny facial reaction of hubby, right? :)

Happy birthday, baby! Stay happy, sweet, and innocent. Mama, baba, and ate love you so much.

The cake I made crumbled and the icing was overcooked, but boy, it tasted very good.

She will turn one soon so Mama is planning the party na.

August 8 is just a few weeks away now, plus the firstborn also wants a party for her 6th birthday the month after. I have created a list of guests, visited some prospect event venue, yet no concrete plans yet for both parties. I don't really feel pressured because hubby and I initially thought to made them simple. We'll invite the closest friends and relatives for Suna's birthday and mostly classmates and personal friends of Askim on her birthday.


  1. Your daughters are very pretty :) Happy birthday to your little one! And the cake looks so yum! :)


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